Thursday, May 03, 2007

12 training weeks to go

Nationals - Weekend of the 4th and 5th of August.

Booked a session with Dirk for Sat morning at the gym to start planning my westside training for the Nationals. I figure 12 weeks will give us 3 x 4 week cycles or 4 x 3 week cycles depending on how Dirk wants to approach this one. Have to get my butt into gear for the next 3 months. Also want to experiment with a few things - knee wrapping method, shirt positions and if I'm going to get a deadlift suit then I'll need to do that soon so that I can learn how to use it. Suddenly 12 weeks doesn't seem all that long!

Looking for inspiration.... Parked myself on the couch last night with Leigh and watched the 2004 Nationals (womens section) thanks to Frank Manning for sending that down from QLD. Teresa, his wife and current Australian title holder, is an awesome lifter. Also saw local champ and 2nd at the 2006 nationals, Tegan Murry, on the DVD too - so I'm sure I'll be able to pick some technique tips watching this over a few times!

Tonight I'll be back in the gym for the first time since the comp, will just be doing some benching, triceps and shoulder work - light stuff just to get things moving again and tomorrow same again for legs.

Have been doing a little research and printing off articles from EliteFTS and westside websites. From one of the articles on getting lower in the squat it seems I need to out more emphasis on stretching thru the hip flexors - tried it the other night a yeeooww and I tight.

I'll also take on board what you have said Tom and play around with my stance for the deadlift. In fact I'm going to talk to Dirk about putting some sumo stuff into the training as this may help with hip drive too. Not that I think I'll be doing sumo for my comp lifts tho!

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