Monday, May 07, 2007

Disk Crash

Sorry for the lack of updates, my hard disk crashed Friday afternoon while I was at work. Diskcheck deleted many files and although it started up subsequent startup failed - so my poor ole laptop is off having the C disk reimaged - ouch and at the same time moving from windows 2000 to XP. For now I'm on a 'loan' laptop - yuck. Hopefully I'll get mine back this afternoon and can start re-installing ally my apps! Fun - not.

Trained Thursday and Friday per Leigh's instructions and hammy's pulled up quite sore on Sat morning - I had added in some light / high rep good mornings - just 40kg. Caught up with Dirk for a long session discussing how I am to use the westside stuff to get me up to the Nationals. the plan is for 4 x 3 week cycles. We'll be concentrating on my weak points such as squat depth and faster drops into the squat. This will be addressed in this first cycle with low box squats WITH bands. Tricep and lockout work will also feature heavily. At the end of the discussion Dirk went away to write up the pgm and I will have another session with him tonight to go thru it completely and also so he can show me how to setup up the bands with the box.

I'm in two minds... or should I say three.... about my training method(s). I really enjoy my westside stuff, it keeps me interested and I feel that continuing to focus on weak points is an effective way to move the weights forward - as the weakness becomes a strength another weakness is found and so you work on that..... This concept appeals to me. However I know that under Leigh's direction, which is the 'old school' style of powerlifting training I will also make great progress and have constant support whereas with the westside I'm pretty much left on my own once the program is written - not that I mind training on my own - I focus well and can push myself - just with the max stuff I find it difficult if there is no-one to help me (Danny and John are not always around...). Then there is the training with Shaz.... So I feel i have 3 masters to serve. With Shaz the answer is simple... I cannot afford to have her as a full time trainer. With Dirk I only need pay for his time once a month to consult on the westside routine and Leigh does it all for the love of the powerlifting. So the choice is between training styles - westside and conventional. The two are training styles are not compatible. I think up to the nationals I should continue with westside but I don't want to lose favor with Leigh. Ugghhh how did I get into this situation.....

Other than that the weekend was pretty average - finally found time to mow the half acre at the back and Madi had Ponyclub, so running back and forth between home and the club. The next few weekends are booked out with being on pager this coming weekend, Yaramabat horse trails the following weekend and then on pager again the weekend after that! Which reminds me.... I must ring my brother about the truck's dashlights not working...... ahhh it never ends.

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