Friday, May 11, 2007

Straight to the Bar

Wow. Many thanks to Scott Bird who has featured my blog on his website Straighttothebar. This was totally unexpected and has generated more traffic to my blog - pretty cool. Its a great site with loads of links for power training as well as bodybuilding. I've put a permanent link on the sidebar.

Trained well last night - as expected the goodmorning squats really took it out of me - even with just a light weight (60kg) I struggled with the last couple of reps trying to get my breath. I should be able to up that to 70kg next week now that I've broken myself in again with them.
Here's a couple of pics of low box squat with bands:

Fell asleep in the recliner watching Criminal Intent after having done some yoga stretches on the floor - could easily take a nap this afternoon. I'm sore today around the obliques from the decline russian twists.


Speed bench:
Bench with minibands @45% of 1rm from Tuesday 8x3reps (fast/min rest)
Elbows out lat face pull 3x10
Stiff arm pulldown 3x10
Benchers Extentions 3x10

No accessory work!

Tomorrow morning I have DARC (Donvale Adult Riders Club). Leigh thinks this is some kind of riding for the impaired, like a disabled riders club or something. I know I'm not an equestrian champion but....... anyway, he's never seen me riding. They're having an instructor that I don't like for the show jumping so I guess I'll give that a miss and just stick with dressage - practice my 'staying on' skills.

The weekend also brings with it the pager - uck! So I'll need to be done at ARC by 12.00 in case I get paged. In amongst all this I have to find time to clean the BBQ as Leigh has offered to cook some 'dead animals' for us on the barbie and bring a movie to watch - a romantic one he says - I think I'm being duped!

Mothers day Sunday and the girls are taking me out for brunch - that'd be because neither can get up early enough to make me breakfast in bed, I mean at 19 and 15 you'd think they'd have the 'making breakfast thing' down pat..... besides I don't fancy the girls coming up jumping all over the bed and discovering Leigh under the doona somewhere.......

No P1's next week - yay! New laptop expected to arrive Monday or Tuesday... must start thinking about ordering a deadlift suit..... Right now.... time to eat again.


Casually Me said...

Do you read their Q and A page?
Very helpful for you westside folks especially. Time for you to get that total back to what it was, and then get stronger. Going backwards is sometimes needed to make the changes in training...Keep training hard...

Christine Petty said...

I Looooooooooooooove eliteFTS. They have fantastic articles!