Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Max squat up 10kg

Great session last night bumped the max squat up by 10 kg to 75kg which when you add the bands is equivalent to 85kg at the bottom off the low box and lockout at 135kg (for my International readers multiply by 2.2... ie 187lb / 297lb) I was pretty happy with that - given that I was coming up off the box pretty strong - despite my hip soreness (which goes away as the hip warms up... - Yes Tom, I am downing anti-inflamms (voltaren) like they're m&m's - the 'rest' bit will have to wait until after Aug. Anyway Mid August I'm getting my toe looked at - the dreaded bone spur - if I have to have surgery then there will be an enforced rest for about 6 weeks - yuck!

Back to last nights training - followed up the max squat with stiff leg deadlifts at 90kg - now they're getting tough! 8 singles x 3 sets - tried alternating my grip in the 2nd set but could only manage 5 reps before reverting to my usual grip (right hand over, left hand under) note to self: work on alternate grip. Today however my left elbow is quite sore from the added strain - oh well gotta live with it!

Pulldown squats, tried anchoring my feet with dumbells - no help at all, faced into the pully and that was a little easier but the felt like I was going to headbut the pole. Explosive landmines - upped to 10kg 3 sets of 8. Incline Lever crunch - woosed out and stayed with the 20lb dumbell (I was sore for days after last weeks effort!) 3 sets of 15 (yes I managed the last few reps) actually it was easier than last week - definitely next week I'll put it up. Finished with the reverse hypers again - light 30kg 3 sets of 20. Drenched and knackered..... Slept like a baby.

In other less interesting news, the clothes dryer packed it in..... I want to get one that I can mount on the wall and vent into the roof space, I think this will not be a 'do it yourself' job like most things I do around the house.... It might be best I pay someone to do it and if they mess it up I can yell at them. LOTS.

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Casually Me said...

Voltaren? You took it up a notch, lol. Looks like your training is where you want it to be. I expect to see you at IPF Masters Worlds in a couple of years...or less, kicking butt on the big stage.