Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Training - Max squat

Trained well last night despite the scratchy throat and aches. Dosed up on some cold and flu tabs before hitting the gym. That did the trick. Max squat with bands 1 rep max of 85kg on top of the bar. That's approx 140kg at lockout and 90kg off the low box. 5 kg up on last week again.

Stiff leg deadlifts - pulled 100kg for 3 sets of 7 reps - just short of the 8 rep min I am supposed to do but 10kg up on last weeks effort. 3 sets with the middle set using reverse grip.

Pull down squats - LOL - now that this is the last week I am doing them I finally got it right 170lb 3sets of 10 reps.

Started to run out of grunt about now.... so the explosive landmines (using the heavy bar and 10kg plate) were low on numbers 3 sets of 6 reps.

Ab work - 25lb dumbell overhead for lever crunches (done on the decline board)

then finished with reverse hypers - light - warm down the back and hamstrings

EDIT: Pulldown squats = Reverse squats


Casually Me said...

Still training hard, great job. Not sure what pull down squats are, but maybe I know them by a different name.

Casually Me said...

Thanks Vicki. I might play with those after my next meet.