Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back on the air

Migrated to the new laptop. Everything seems to be in order. Backed up all the photo's on the old machine onto disc and it has now been retired to the study at home. This new one has 120gb with 87gb available on D, a DVD burner (Yay!) and a wider screen. Mind you I dock at work anyway so the screen size doesn't matter.

No training tonight - rest night! catch up on TV shows and see if I can fit in another episode of 'The Shield' which Leigh has lent me.

Here's what I've been up to:


Max Squat

Low box squat with bands 20/5 30/5 40/5 50/3 60/1 65/1 (up 5kg on last week) The bar at Definition is super prickly, nice that it grabs but it also rips the crap out of my skin and so I end up with a very tender bar mark across my back and doing that last rep with 65kg 'on the bar' and the bands pulling the bar down causing extra pressure - I was so glad to be only doing 1 rep. OUCH!!

Stiff leg deadlifts off the floor 80kg 3 x 8reps. Hard getting the last reps but I'll go up again next week to maybe 90kg
Pulldown squat (still don't get this one and Dirk wasn't in the gym...) anyway 140lb 3x8
Explosive landmines (aka busdrivers) 3 sets 10, 8, 8 with only 5kg on the bar - these really work on core stability
Lever crunch 3 sets 15,15,12 (just couldn't get those last 3 reps....) 20lb dumbell overhead (now 2 days later my upper abs are so so sore. I cant get a decent stretch in and having trouble sitting up straight - LOL

Finally Reverse hypers 3 sets of 20 - just to warm down the hammies and lower back.

Tuesday (last night)

Max Bench

Bench with mini bands 40/6 45/4 50/3 55/2 60/1 65/1 (5kg up on last week) Sam spotted me - I think he may have touched the bar on that last one.

Dumbell floor press 50lb dbells 3 sets 10, 9, 7
Floor pin press lockouts 80kg 3 x 8
Horizontal pullups 3 x 8 (I struggle to pause at the top - Dirk has suggested that I pause on the decent and slow work towards the pause at the top) This exercise should have a major impact on my benching as it strengthens upper back in the position needed for westside benching technique.
Cable rear delt 25lb each 3x15

Band pushdowns 2 x 12 ( not sure how much I'm getting out of this so I added some rope pulldowns 80lb 3x12)

Tacked on some shoulder press in the machine 140lb 3 sets of 8 (just because I could...LOL)

On a lighter note.... How weird is this..... My Stars this week....

"You don't have to finish what you've started. There's no shame in inconsistency. Robots are very good at seeing things through, but you're no automation. You're a creature of passion and perception, too clever to care about doing things by the book."

In light of my decision to stay with westside.... ummmmm.... not so... LOL

It goes on to say I should follow my heart and not my head..... In that case I should have stuck it out with Leigh. Oh well, too late now.... after the nationals. I do miss training with him tho'. I'll just remind myself to FOCUS on the goal.


Scott said...

Is the pulldown squat the same as the reverse squat here?

mochamoe said...

pretty pretty........

Christine Petty said...

pulldown squat? Squat with JS bands hooked to the top of the rack? I don't know if I've ever heard of these.

Oh, and I hear ya on a bar with thick knurling... OWIE!

Christine Petty said...

And speaking of westside, i've been thinking of doing a program from them for my next meet... but it seems horribly complicated.