Monday, November 27, 2006

Land of the long white cloud

Arrived in Christchurch at 11pm, James picked me up and took me back to his new abode... on the way showing me the sites of the city by night.... Interesting, street prostitution is legal there - thanks James for taking me down that part of town. LOL. Chatted until the wee hours of the morning polishing off a bottle of Sav Blanc. Slept quite late the next day - then again there is the time difference so it wasn't that late by my body clock. Somewhere around lunchtime we made it out to start taking in the sites. First up to the Sign of Takahe where I finally met my knight in shining armour.....

Drove a little further up the Hill and went on the Harry Ell walk.... (Bloody 'ell... to those of us not used to walking up hilly tracks.....) Smart arse James runs this track of course.... Which lead us to another restaurant/cafe called the Sign of the Kiwi..... bit of a common naming thing here.... Spectacular views as we went a bit further up behind the restaurant.
Walked back down again and went for a little drive around checking out the scenery. The intention was to get back in time to go training but somehow got caught up site seeing and got back a little late. Yummy dinner courtesy of "James the chef " and a nice bottle of Cab Sav.

Sunday morning up a little earlier and after some breakfast James took me to Hagley Park to go for a run. Ever so helpful is James, trying to get me into a rhythm with my breathing and pace, which I found very difficult - terribly un-co ! After a while I think I was getting the hang of it - concentrating hard and then James starts trying to put music to the rhythm and counting a beat and throws me completely off track again... LOL I just want to hit him! Anyway at the end of the run I don't feel quite so exhausted having kept my breathing under reasonable control - Thank you James! Energetic as puppy dog James is off on monkey bars and doing steps - while I just watched and contemplated the re-blistering of the arch of my right foot! the chef... and opened a bottle of red.....

After lunch we headed to Hamner Hot Springs - about and hour and a bit away. Relaxing in the hot pools which ranged from 36c to 41c. Mind you the hotter ones were really stinky - like rotten eggs! As we lazed about in the 37c pool it started to rain and we could see the steam rising off the water while we faces felt the cooling drops of water. What a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. When we got back into Christchurch it was getting late already, picked up some Thai take out for dinner and back to James' cool bachelor's pad to eat drink a little more of the red wine that we opened on Saturday night !
Off to bed around 1am I think.... as we had to get up at 4 am to go to the airport for my 6.15 am flight back to Melbourne. So sweet of James to put me up for the the weekend - and put up with me.... falling asleep in the car driving to Hamner Springs.... not having any interest in the cricket and constantly getting him to change the music in the car - so damn hard to please wasn't I James. A big big thank you to you tho'. Enjoy your trip home to the UK next week, All the best for your European adventure.... and make sure you look after Lisa when you two meet up in Germany!!

Love Vicki xxx

PS. James took some wonderful pics which I'll publish here soon once I've gone through them all, some will be for Andy's website and some for Musclefemme subscribers section..... Here a little preview:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Up up and away

Funny isnt it, the competition is over and I slack off with the posting. Guess I'm just more relaxed now and back to my regular routine.

Ran again on Thursday morning - didnt cheat, parked in the same spot - again ran 12 walked 3 ran 6 walked 3 and then a final 6 min run (put some extra effort here) and back to the car in 30.20. Think I shaved about 30 seconds off the Tuesday time... flyin' LOL. Aquired a nice blister when I ran on Tuesday, in the arch of my right foot. Added another - on top of the existing one - Nice!! (not). Few digs from a couple of the managers at work because I was getting around the office without shoes - showed them the blisters expecting some sympathy with them both being runners... but no... "you shouldnt have stopped running in the first place...." Sheesh thanks guys! Next run will be on sunday - over in NZ. Will have to scope out a place to run on Saturday. James does a bit of running so I'm sure he'll have somewhere in mind to go.

Training has gone well this week tho' pulling up a little sore in the legs and back, even tho I havent put the weights up from the previous week.... One more week in this cycle and then I'll take a week break. Book in with Dirk during the week off to plan out the next 4 week cycle. Should have the 'Metal' bench shirt just before Christmas. So I'll start training bench in the shirt in mid January and also start squatting in my suit as well. Next week instead of doing deadlift 1 rep max I'll be testing my RAW 1 rep max for squat - tho I probably will use the knee wraps. I'm really keen to do this test, since my deadlift has increased 10kg since the nationals cant wait to see where my squat is at. Have to keep in mind that my squat at the Nationals was not RAW.

What else this week.... hmmm... took myself off to the physio to get my elbows looks at. "Elbows ?" Asked Gordon when I got into the consulting room - yes plural! He just rolled his eyes. Left elbow, upper forearm where the muscle and tendons attach into the elbow.... Gordon got in and massaged (hard) and I have a some remedial excercise to do after training. Cortisone will be considered if this doesnt right itself pretty quickly. Right elbow, underneath where the tricep and tendons attach - very difficult to pinpoint, seem to be right on the bone, however this does stop hurting somewhat after the joint has warmed up - again some massage and a promise of complete rest during the week off that's coming up. I'll try to tailor the next cycle with Dirk to reduce the strain on these joints, but I think it''l be near impossible to eliminate this work.

Well that's about it.... Luch today with the boys as usual down in St Kilda and leaving the office early tonight to fly out to Christchurch. Mosey around the duty free, get some perfume, nice bottle of red for James for putting me up for the weekend. Catch you all on Monday!

Vicki xxx

Monday, November 20, 2006

68.5 and rising....

Body weight is coming back up from the low point or 66.9. Of course re-hydrating has a lot to do with that. Feeling pretty dam good and very content! lol

Set out for my run as I said I would on Sunday morning.... Errrr... drove down the street to the car park, then a slow run down the creek to Reynolds rd. Walk and run up the hill to Andersons Creek rd get the paper and and jogged slowly back down the hill to the creek again and walked and ran back to the car. Felt good and not overly taxed - especially after Saturday's effort. So glad not to have to walk up my drive way tho. Its a killer!!

Sunday night, met up with Tracey at work and we made our way down St Kilda rd. stopped in at Transport at Federation Square for a couple of drinks. Much to my amusement a few of the guys seemed fascinated by my muscles and wanted to compare biceps and ask how much I could bench... LOL Most interesting pick up line of the night was from one young guy who had a massive scrape up his shin which he was pointing out to me and looking for a little sympathy, but also informed me that even tho his shin was hurting, his groin was still working ok! ROFL. Shortly after Tracey and I left to get some dinner before the big event.

Telstra Dome was jam packed and what an awesome concert.
U2 Rock!! They came on stage around 9pm and played a selection of their past hits right up to their current single which they've recorded with Greenday! The concert finished around 11:20pm after they'd come back for a couple of encores - absolutely worth the money!! What weekend!!! and I'd do it again!

Stumbled thru Monday a bit bleary eyed.... Trained per usual but skipped the Dead lifts and went straight into the good morning squats. Good effort but I was pretty tired. Up early at 5:30 this morning so that I could get a run in before work, its gonna be a hot one today, so better to do this in the morning. Had all my gear set up from the night before so that made it a bit easier. Arrived at the Tan around 6:10 and set off. Ran 12 mins - which saw me get half way up Anderson street hill (Perhaps I should have parked a little further around and finished the 12 mins BEFORE I got to the hill..... ahhh its probably better to do a little bit of the hill) then waked for 3mins, ran another 6 mins back to walking for 3 and then a 6 min run and I was back to the car. Drove to the office , just opposite the gardens where I had just run, showered and at my desk eating brekky by 7am. Feeling pretty good, wonder if it'll hit me this afternoon. Anyway, up for it again on Thursday morning.

Oh.. In other news... I became the proud owner of a silver 1991 Ford Maverick on the weekend. Brought by proxy... ha ha ha. My brother, Mark , sent me a text to let me know that I now own a 'tow car' which he's brought on my behalf. Its a LWB , manual transmisison and is on Gas. Once Mark has finished tinkering with it I'll go and get it - needs to be roadworthyed first! But he said it drives really well.

That's all my news for now, back to the grind stone and set some goals for the March & April State Comps!

Vicki xxxx

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Its over....

Friday morning still at 67.9 kgs, starving and dehydrating..... Since I was working from home I was checking my weight at frequent intervals, probably too frequently but I couldnt help it, by lunchtime it hadn't changed. Time for some drastic action. During my lunch break I headed down to the aquatic centre and sat in the steam room for 45 mins... actually half an hour and then cooled off, had a spa and then back in the steam room again for another 15 mins. Back home and showered and on the scales.... that did the trick... 66.7 kg. Over to Webby's about 5:30ish and weighed in officially at 66.90 600grams under the cut off. Downed 600ml of water while driving home.....

Picked up Madi and headed out to Mornington for her basketball match..... bloody long way, took us an hour to get there and we arrived just on time. With a stand-in coach this week, Penny, they did quite well although they lost 28 - 33. I think they learned a lot, pity we can't have Penny as our coach permanently!

Finally the big day arrived. Picked up Titania to give her a lift to the comp. She brought along her new super camera to get some pics. I'll post some here once she uploads them. Both her and Maria weighed into the next weight class up from me, at 72.x and 71.x, putting them in the 75kg class. Anyway I'm over the moon to say that I did PB's in both the bench and deadlift.

My original plan was to bench 75, 77.5 and then attempt 80 but nerves got the better of me and I dropped my opener to 70kg which I benched easily although one red light from the centre ref, Cameron Lindley, for not holding the bar still on my chest before the press call. Still a good confidence builder. 2nd attempt was at 77.5, Luke lifted the bar off for me, and it was a clean lift - 3 white lights. Last attempt at 80, Luke was nowhere to be seen so one of the spotters lifted the bar off... unfortunelty he dumped the bar on me and I lost my air and missed the lift. Luke apologised profusely, he saw the guy dump the bar and he felt real bad for me.... but honestly I dont think I would have made the lift anyway. Titania managed a 85kg bench and missed her 90kg attempt and Maria got all her lifts with her top bench being 82.5kg.

Deadlift was next, I'd been feeling pretty confident all week since I nailed 137.5kg in the gym the week earlier. Opened on 135kg. No joke it felt like someone had glued the bar to the floor. I was so desperate to get this opening lift, I could hear everyone yelling at me to get it up and I swear sheer stubborness and determination made me pull it up. Shook me a little. 2nd attempt was 137.5 and I had to remind myself that I'd done this in the gym so no reason not to get it today.... and actually it came up a little easier. Final attempt came around, bar loaded to 140, now this was a test, had never even attempted this weight before. Set it up beautifully, big breath in and lift, it flew up! I was over the moon and if anything I felt like I had more in me.... maybe 142.5. Well next year we'll see how far I can go. Titania, deadlift is her pet lift... set the bar to 185 for her 2nd attempt and nailed easy. 3rd attempt at 200kg, but missed.... she'll have it in the bag next month at the Postal Deadlift comp tho!!! Maria wasnt feeling too confident with her lifts and wanted to put in some low attempts, 110, 120, 130 but we both know she lifted 130 at the nationals. She's missed 130 the last 2 times in the gym, but I convinced her to go 115, 125 and 132.5 and she got them all!! Way to go Maria.

Overall result was that Titania took first place, I came in 2nd and Maria 3rd.

Thanks to every one that supported me and wished me luck, thru emails, sms and posting comments here! It really meant a lot to me and gave me the added fire to pull those big lifts!

Still on a high.... girls are both out tonight so I'm home alone, bouncing off the walls. LOL. Grabbed a DVD for tonight. Mission Impossible 3. I'll set myself down shortly with a nice freshly brewed latte, some home made fruit salad and of course the compulsory Haigh's chocolates! he he he....

Tomorow's resolution... to pick up my running. Heading out first thing in the morning before breakfast. 5k round trip to get the Sunday paper. I'll take it easy tho' !! Gently thru Mullum Mullum Creek track..... up Reynolds road (Hill) which I'll probably walk mostly then walk and run back again.

U2 tomorrow night!! whoo-hoo!!!

Catch you all soon,
Vicki xxx

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

68 and 3 days to go

Half a kilo to go... Will have my last hard meal Thursday lunchtime with a laxative chaser and then stop taking in any fluid that night after a final low carb protein drink.... with the exception of a couple of short blacks on Friday morning I should be right for the weigh in. I need the caffeine to prevent any withdrawl headaches - yes I'm an addict and I know it. Could be worse after tho'... I dont smoke and only have the occasional glass of red wine, which is good for you anyway! Organized with Webby to weigh in around 5:30 pm on Friday at his place.

Added a link at the side for the CAPO site. Council of Australian Powerlifting Organizations. For anyone wanting information about powerlifting, competing, sponsors etc. This weekend is not only the RAW push/pull but also a novice 3 lift, so for any newbies that want to have a go this is a great opportunity or just come along and find out what its all about. The flyers are on the CAPO website.

Ordered a soft suit from Power Supply in Tasmania a few weeks back for the comp.... Tony sent out the order to have it made, but still no sign of it yet. I'll see if I can borrow Shazza's one again, otherwize it might be a new meaning for RAW at the raw push/pull this weekend. hahahaha.

Hung out in the Haighs shop yesterday, taking in the smell of fine chocolate. Heaven! They have all their Christmas fare on display. Stocked up for the post weigh in gorging..... 3 latte truffles, 1 passionfruit creme, 1 mandarin creme, and 200g mixed choc nuts. :-)

Been lurking around another website too - a running website - Picking up some hints for my next effort in the attempt to become a recreational runner - and hopefully keep my bodyfat down whilst simultaneously increasing the quantity of Haighs chocolates that I ingest.... Actually its vanity.... Summer is coming and I want to look good in very little clothing. LOL With the added benefit of being able to stay in the 67.5 weight class but still put on size and strength! That's my theory anyway....

Love yaz all.....

Vicki xxx

Monday, November 13, 2006

68.6 and 5 days....

Quiet weekend from what I can remember. Lack of chocolate makes me very vague..... Grabbed the Fairlane off my brother to tow the float, rear left break light still not working... Must get down and check that its not the bulb. At least the indicators are working. About to head off tot he paddock when I realized I've left the paddock keys in my car - with my brother. Drive down to Doncaster to get the keys.... Back up the paddock and loaded Mojo. Started off for Eltham and realized we didn't have Madi's grading card, so back home again to pick that up (told you I was getting vague...) Mojo was being a right poo the whole time and the dressage test was over in 10 minutes.... All that effort and back home again. Mojo still being a right shit decided he didn't want to wait until the chain was undone on the float and backed out of the float wildly and broke the chain.... Another thing I have to fix... grrrr....

Stayed in Sat night, not feeling the best, damn diet messing with my stomach. Once this comp is over I'm gonna work a little more on my general fitness. Get back into the running. If I can manage to keep my bodyfat level down from the outset I should be able to compete next year in this same weight class without too much stress about dieting, just taper the running at the same time I taper the lifting. Anyway after this - no comp until March / April so this should give me time to get myself into a routine or running a few times a week.

Sunday morning was going to head of for a walk to get the paper, usually I would attempt to run this track, 5k down thru mullum mullum creek and up Reynolds road and back again. Looked out the window - it was pouring down. Well we need the rain, but no way I'm going out in that. Feel crap enough without being a drowned rat too. Cleared up a bit by the afternoon - long enough for me to get a couple of pics. Most of which I've just sent to Andy to post on the AMG-Lite website.
Along with a short clip. So I guess he'll have these up in a week or so. The link is over on the right. I've included a couple of samples in today's blog. A couple of cropped pics - the pull ones will be on AMG along with one that almost has a wardrobe malfunction ala Janet Jackson. LOL.

Training light for the next 2 days - just working on technique and no accessory work - that is going to kill me. I'm not going to feel like I've trained at all. That's it for now. Enjoy the pics.

Vicki xxxx

Friday, November 10, 2006

1 week to go

This dieting is still not going well. 69.1kg this morning and have to be under 67.5 by this time next week......

Madi is booked in to have her tonsils whipped out on Dec 4th. "Grubby" is how the specialist described them... haha.

Bloody dishwasher packed it in last night.... it wasnt even doing anyting.... Suddenly, around 10pm. the power went out in the house. I looked to see if it was the whole street... nah just my place. Checked the safety switch and there is was - tripped. Tried to reset it but it wouldnt stay on. Worked out on the power board that it was a power switch that was causing the fault - I could get the lights on, but none of the appliances. Had to sort this out 'cos the fridge was off and I didnt want all the food to spoil.... So through a process of elimination, found that when the dishwashwer is switched on at the wall it trips the safety switch. Called Fisher and Paykel and they'll have someone out next Friday... Hmmm paper plates and plastic knives and forks until then.... Well since I have to work from home I got onto the electrician to re-fix the dimmer switch that I had replaced a couple of weeks ago, which subsequestly shit itself again.... Arrghhh

Will be a good opportunity for me to get into the stream room Friday to try and make weight before heading over to Webby's for the official weigh-in.

Booked at little weekend away for the weekend after the raw push/pull. Over to New Zealand to visit James who has just become a proud home owner (and endebted to the bank for life). I'll be checking out the new place and all the new furniture etc..... and having a well deserved break I think.

Off to Eltham tomorrow, Madi and Mojo are appearing in a dressage instructors video. Will try to get some new photo's over the weekend so you can see how I'm looking at 69 kg.

Love Vicki xxxx

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

10 days to the raw push/pull

It would seem that the westside training is already paying off. Monday : Deadlifted 137.5 kg (302.5lb). Attempted an 80kg (176lb) bench last night but unfortunatly it wasnt to be. 75kg went up pretty smooth and I'm still happy with the 77.5kg from last week. So that's it now, no more heavy lifts prior to the comp. Speed work on Thursday and Friday and then next week will just do 60% for sets of 3 and concentrate on technique just for Monday and Tuesday, then have the rest of the week off to rest and recover.

With only 10 days to go to the comp I'm struggling to get the weight off. I may have to resort to laxatives :-( Went to the steam room at Aquarena in Doncaster, near where I live. In an hour I was able to drop 1 kg, so I know that if I really need to I can drop an extra kg of fluid on the day of the weigh in. At least the fluid is easily replaced and I should not suffer any loss of strength so long as I rehydrate well.

In other news..... my brother, Mark, has fixed the wiring on the horse float so now I can indicate with confidence that others will know where the hell I'm going! LOL. Went to the movies with Leah the other night and saw 'Devil wears Prada' Very entertaining - not much of a story but great shoes and bags! LOL

Well not much else.... just cardio-ing my butt off and dieting. Becoming a real bore now.... no chocolate... ho hum

catch you all soon...

Vicki xxx

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The new training cycle

Started the new training cycle this week. Monday was a killer. Managed a 130kg deadlift as my 1 rm. This is the same as I did at the August Nationals but it came up a little cleaner. Could not manage any more after that – nervous system was shot. Then good morning squats for the first time – wow they take it out of you – I am sooo unfit. At 60kg I could only manage 8 reps. Didn’t help that it was quite warm in the gym and I was sweating profusely so the bar kept slipping down my back – had to chalk up for every set. Barbell rollouts were another killer, sweat running down my face, getting in my eyes, and stinging. I was wiped out by the end. Still sore today – 2 days later. Lower back (erectors), abs and hamstrings are all stiff and sore. Had trouble just rolling over in bed…. Last night’s workout wasn’t quite so taxing, and I managed a PB for bench - 77.5 kg. Just so long as I can hit that again at the raw push/pull I’ll be happy. Tried to help out a couple of young guys that were doing such poor form with skull crushers, then another guy tried to help them too…. I think they were a little embarrassed that they had to drop back the weight in order to perform correctly… perhaps I should just mind my own business….

Woke up last night, 12:16 am to be precise – the time is burned into my eyes…. My mobile phone ringing – American Idiot – so I know it’s a work call…. Why are they ringing me at this time of the night? Tried to explain that I’m not on call… I’m in bed… but the guy just persisted in wanting to know about some bug…. Decided it would be easier to answer his questions and get rid of him….. Then had trouble getting back to sleep….

No training tonight – need to recover from the past 2 days

Love Vicki