Monday, November 27, 2006

Land of the long white cloud

Arrived in Christchurch at 11pm, James picked me up and took me back to his new abode... on the way showing me the sites of the city by night.... Interesting, street prostitution is legal there - thanks James for taking me down that part of town. LOL. Chatted until the wee hours of the morning polishing off a bottle of Sav Blanc. Slept quite late the next day - then again there is the time difference so it wasn't that late by my body clock. Somewhere around lunchtime we made it out to start taking in the sites. First up to the Sign of Takahe where I finally met my knight in shining armour.....

Drove a little further up the Hill and went on the Harry Ell walk.... (Bloody 'ell... to those of us not used to walking up hilly tracks.....) Smart arse James runs this track of course.... Which lead us to another restaurant/cafe called the Sign of the Kiwi..... bit of a common naming thing here.... Spectacular views as we went a bit further up behind the restaurant.
Walked back down again and went for a little drive around checking out the scenery. The intention was to get back in time to go training but somehow got caught up site seeing and got back a little late. Yummy dinner courtesy of "James the chef " and a nice bottle of Cab Sav.

Sunday morning up a little earlier and after some breakfast James took me to Hagley Park to go for a run. Ever so helpful is James, trying to get me into a rhythm with my breathing and pace, which I found very difficult - terribly un-co ! After a while I think I was getting the hang of it - concentrating hard and then James starts trying to put music to the rhythm and counting a beat and throws me completely off track again... LOL I just want to hit him! Anyway at the end of the run I don't feel quite so exhausted having kept my breathing under reasonable control - Thank you James! Energetic as puppy dog James is off on monkey bars and doing steps - while I just watched and contemplated the re-blistering of the arch of my right foot! the chef... and opened a bottle of red.....

After lunch we headed to Hamner Hot Springs - about and hour and a bit away. Relaxing in the hot pools which ranged from 36c to 41c. Mind you the hotter ones were really stinky - like rotten eggs! As we lazed about in the 37c pool it started to rain and we could see the steam rising off the water while we faces felt the cooling drops of water. What a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. When we got back into Christchurch it was getting late already, picked up some Thai take out for dinner and back to James' cool bachelor's pad to eat drink a little more of the red wine that we opened on Saturday night !
Off to bed around 1am I think.... as we had to get up at 4 am to go to the airport for my 6.15 am flight back to Melbourne. So sweet of James to put me up for the the weekend - and put up with me.... falling asleep in the car driving to Hamner Springs.... not having any interest in the cricket and constantly getting him to change the music in the car - so damn hard to please wasn't I James. A big big thank you to you tho'. Enjoy your trip home to the UK next week, All the best for your European adventure.... and make sure you look after Lisa when you two meet up in Germany!!

Love Vicki xxx

PS. James took some wonderful pics which I'll publish here soon once I've gone through them all, some will be for Andy's website and some for Musclefemme subscribers section..... Here a little preview:


2P said...

Sounds great Vicki - I love New Zealand - does pong a bit in places though ;-)

Nice pics.

jim s said...

WOW!! Gorgeous shots, love the bikini.

jim s said...

New Z looks beautiful, especially with you there.

JB said...

The pictures of yourself are absolutely gorgeous!