Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The new training cycle

Started the new training cycle this week. Monday was a killer. Managed a 130kg deadlift as my 1 rm. This is the same as I did at the August Nationals but it came up a little cleaner. Could not manage any more after that – nervous system was shot. Then good morning squats for the first time – wow they take it out of you – I am sooo unfit. At 60kg I could only manage 8 reps. Didn’t help that it was quite warm in the gym and I was sweating profusely so the bar kept slipping down my back – had to chalk up for every set. Barbell rollouts were another killer, sweat running down my face, getting in my eyes, and stinging. I was wiped out by the end. Still sore today – 2 days later. Lower back (erectors), abs and hamstrings are all stiff and sore. Had trouble just rolling over in bed…. Last night’s workout wasn’t quite so taxing, and I managed a PB for bench - 77.5 kg. Just so long as I can hit that again at the raw push/pull I’ll be happy. Tried to help out a couple of young guys that were doing such poor form with skull crushers, then another guy tried to help them too…. I think they were a little embarrassed that they had to drop back the weight in order to perform correctly… perhaps I should just mind my own business….

Woke up last night, 12:16 am to be precise – the time is burned into my eyes…. My mobile phone ringing – American Idiot – so I know it’s a work call…. Why are they ringing me at this time of the night? Tried to explain that I’m not on call… I’m in bed… but the guy just persisted in wanting to know about some bug…. Decided it would be easier to answer his questions and get rid of him….. Then had trouble getting back to sleep….

No training tonight – need to recover from the past 2 days

Love Vicki

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