Friday, November 24, 2006

Up up and away

Funny isnt it, the competition is over and I slack off with the posting. Guess I'm just more relaxed now and back to my regular routine.

Ran again on Thursday morning - didnt cheat, parked in the same spot - again ran 12 walked 3 ran 6 walked 3 and then a final 6 min run (put some extra effort here) and back to the car in 30.20. Think I shaved about 30 seconds off the Tuesday time... flyin' LOL. Aquired a nice blister when I ran on Tuesday, in the arch of my right foot. Added another - on top of the existing one - Nice!! (not). Few digs from a couple of the managers at work because I was getting around the office without shoes - showed them the blisters expecting some sympathy with them both being runners... but no... "you shouldnt have stopped running in the first place...." Sheesh thanks guys! Next run will be on sunday - over in NZ. Will have to scope out a place to run on Saturday. James does a bit of running so I'm sure he'll have somewhere in mind to go.

Training has gone well this week tho' pulling up a little sore in the legs and back, even tho I havent put the weights up from the previous week.... One more week in this cycle and then I'll take a week break. Book in with Dirk during the week off to plan out the next 4 week cycle. Should have the 'Metal' bench shirt just before Christmas. So I'll start training bench in the shirt in mid January and also start squatting in my suit as well. Next week instead of doing deadlift 1 rep max I'll be testing my RAW 1 rep max for squat - tho I probably will use the knee wraps. I'm really keen to do this test, since my deadlift has increased 10kg since the nationals cant wait to see where my squat is at. Have to keep in mind that my squat at the Nationals was not RAW.

What else this week.... hmmm... took myself off to the physio to get my elbows looks at. "Elbows ?" Asked Gordon when I got into the consulting room - yes plural! He just rolled his eyes. Left elbow, upper forearm where the muscle and tendons attach into the elbow.... Gordon got in and massaged (hard) and I have a some remedial excercise to do after training. Cortisone will be considered if this doesnt right itself pretty quickly. Right elbow, underneath where the tricep and tendons attach - very difficult to pinpoint, seem to be right on the bone, however this does stop hurting somewhat after the joint has warmed up - again some massage and a promise of complete rest during the week off that's coming up. I'll try to tailor the next cycle with Dirk to reduce the strain on these joints, but I think it''l be near impossible to eliminate this work.

Well that's about it.... Luch today with the boys as usual down in St Kilda and leaving the office early tonight to fly out to Christchurch. Mosey around the duty free, get some perfume, nice bottle of red for James for putting me up for the weekend. Catch you all on Monday!

Vicki xxx

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James said...

Great thread for you over in the HerBizep message forum!!!! WOW!!! That poster must really, really be in much LOVE with you!!!! Vicki, you are so beautiful and such as MuscleChampion I see no reason not to be in much LOVE with you!!!


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