Monday, November 20, 2006

68.5 and rising....

Body weight is coming back up from the low point or 66.9. Of course re-hydrating has a lot to do with that. Feeling pretty dam good and very content! lol

Set out for my run as I said I would on Sunday morning.... Errrr... drove down the street to the car park, then a slow run down the creek to Reynolds rd. Walk and run up the hill to Andersons Creek rd get the paper and and jogged slowly back down the hill to the creek again and walked and ran back to the car. Felt good and not overly taxed - especially after Saturday's effort. So glad not to have to walk up my drive way tho. Its a killer!!

Sunday night, met up with Tracey at work and we made our way down St Kilda rd. stopped in at Transport at Federation Square for a couple of drinks. Much to my amusement a few of the guys seemed fascinated by my muscles and wanted to compare biceps and ask how much I could bench... LOL Most interesting pick up line of the night was from one young guy who had a massive scrape up his shin which he was pointing out to me and looking for a little sympathy, but also informed me that even tho his shin was hurting, his groin was still working ok! ROFL. Shortly after Tracey and I left to get some dinner before the big event.

Telstra Dome was jam packed and what an awesome concert.
U2 Rock!! They came on stage around 9pm and played a selection of their past hits right up to their current single which they've recorded with Greenday! The concert finished around 11:20pm after they'd come back for a couple of encores - absolutely worth the money!! What weekend!!! and I'd do it again!

Stumbled thru Monday a bit bleary eyed.... Trained per usual but skipped the Dead lifts and went straight into the good morning squats. Good effort but I was pretty tired. Up early at 5:30 this morning so that I could get a run in before work, its gonna be a hot one today, so better to do this in the morning. Had all my gear set up from the night before so that made it a bit easier. Arrived at the Tan around 6:10 and set off. Ran 12 mins - which saw me get half way up Anderson street hill (Perhaps I should have parked a little further around and finished the 12 mins BEFORE I got to the hill..... ahhh its probably better to do a little bit of the hill) then waked for 3mins, ran another 6 mins back to walking for 3 and then a 6 min run and I was back to the car. Drove to the office , just opposite the gardens where I had just run, showered and at my desk eating brekky by 7am. Feeling pretty good, wonder if it'll hit me this afternoon. Anyway, up for it again on Thursday morning.

Oh.. In other news... I became the proud owner of a silver 1991 Ford Maverick on the weekend. Brought by proxy... ha ha ha. My brother, Mark , sent me a text to let me know that I now own a 'tow car' which he's brought on my behalf. Its a LWB , manual transmisison and is on Gas. Once Mark has finished tinkering with it I'll go and get it - needs to be roadworthyed first! But he said it drives really well.

That's all my news for now, back to the grind stone and set some goals for the March & April State Comps!

Vicki xxxx

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