Friday, November 10, 2006

1 week to go

This dieting is still not going well. 69.1kg this morning and have to be under 67.5 by this time next week......

Madi is booked in to have her tonsils whipped out on Dec 4th. "Grubby" is how the specialist described them... haha.

Bloody dishwasher packed it in last night.... it wasnt even doing anyting.... Suddenly, around 10pm. the power went out in the house. I looked to see if it was the whole street... nah just my place. Checked the safety switch and there is was - tripped. Tried to reset it but it wouldnt stay on. Worked out on the power board that it was a power switch that was causing the fault - I could get the lights on, but none of the appliances. Had to sort this out 'cos the fridge was off and I didnt want all the food to spoil.... So through a process of elimination, found that when the dishwashwer is switched on at the wall it trips the safety switch. Called Fisher and Paykel and they'll have someone out next Friday... Hmmm paper plates and plastic knives and forks until then.... Well since I have to work from home I got onto the electrician to re-fix the dimmer switch that I had replaced a couple of weeks ago, which subsequestly shit itself again.... Arrghhh

Will be a good opportunity for me to get into the stream room Friday to try and make weight before heading over to Webby's for the official weigh-in.

Booked at little weekend away for the weekend after the raw push/pull. Over to New Zealand to visit James who has just become a proud home owner (and endebted to the bank for life). I'll be checking out the new place and all the new furniture etc..... and having a well deserved break I think.

Off to Eltham tomorrow, Madi and Mojo are appearing in a dressage instructors video. Will try to get some new photo's over the weekend so you can see how I'm looking at 69 kg.

Love Vicki xxxx

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2P said...

Hi Vicki - stumbled on your blog from the CR website.... good luck for getting the weight right.... nothing like a long run and low carb diet to make that happen ;-)