Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009

Thanks for the comment Louise, point taken, but none of the gyms I go to do the caliper thing. Apparently Naturopaths can do some body composition analysis which is even more accurate. I know my bodyfat isn't really 31%. As far as the cardio/heart rate thing.... mmmm I've been shown a pilates exercise for working lung capacity but at the moment everytime I take a deep breath it results in a coughing fit...

Lacking some enthusiam at training. Still squatting wide - I will master this! My right hip flexor has other ideas and I may be hallucinating (from the pain) but I'm sure I heard it scream "Fuck Off" last night when I started squatting... :-(

Wide squats: barx10 40x8 60x6 80x4
knee wraps on: 85x5 90x5 85x5 80x5
knee wraps and belt 100x2 - just to see if I could do it wide stance.

Wide speed squat 60x2 x8 sets
High Box squat (belt only) 3x5 at 100
Leg press 4x10 at 100

and finished with some leg raises which HF also did not seem to appreciate

Channeling Elvis Presley - check out the right knee (left of screen)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

Vitality @ work.... Free Health check... OK, lets see what they say about me:

Height 160cm WTF?? I used to be 165... I've shrunk - must be the heavy squats!

Weight 69kg

My blood pressure is excellent 110/60

BMI 27 = overweight but not obese (obese being 30 - so I’m not far off…?!)
According to that my bodyfat percentage is 31% !!!!

Resting heart rate 56 – excellent

Blood sugar 4.9 – normal

Cholesterol 4.27 very good should be below 5.4

- HDL 1.45 good

- LDL 2.38 very good

Triclycerides .95 very good 2.0 is the normal level

Lung function 400 – very bad

37 situps in a minute and 47 pushups however I have a cardio age of a 57yo after failing to recover sufficiently after 3 minutes of climbing steps!! Wha??

So in summary: I am short, fat and very unfit - Perfect for a powerlifter :-)

Back to basics in training - trying to correct what may be a technical problem with my bench press. Not keeping tight enough. Light speed bench 5 reps @ 40 kg

Critique welcome....


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

Cant shake this damn cold! Coughing, sniffing... blehhhh. Frustrating 'cos I don't feel all that bad, but I sound terrible. Stamina isn't too great tho'. Struggled in the squat rack with the volume that I've set myself.

5x5 program 80, 90, 95, 90, 80. used knee wraps for the middle 3 sets.
5x5 Pin squats 70
4x10 Good Mornings 40
4x10 Leg press 100

core stuff - floor leg raises.

I've made onto the Southern Powerlifting Club website in both the members section and in the Club records (my excellent 185kg deadlift!) Whoo-hoo Go ME!

Bought a new printer/scanner/copier at the weekend - will be able to scan in some of my old BB photo's and upload them for a laugh - so skinny! AND bought a paper shredder -whooo ! hours of entertainment for Madii and I. We've shredded nearly everything in sight. Intersting warning diagram on the shredder.... a baby with a line crossing it - Errr "It doesnt shred babies?" Damnn....


Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13 2009

Finally some pics from PA Nationals:

140 squat

140 (in action)

82.5 Bench

90kg Bench (failed to lockout)

185 Deadlift

Starting to feel better, back to some light training....


Monday, August 10, 2009

August 11, 2009

So sick its not funny. Started last Friday night with a sore throat that turned septic over the weekend . Coughing was incredibly painful and I avoided talking at all cost. Throat started to feel better yesterday (Monday) and the cough developed into one of those barking hacking coughs, cripes you would think I was a smoker... now, Tuesday, and the sniffing and sneezing has set in but I think I'm starting to see the end of this....

No training - obviously! I'm not one of those fools that think training when sick is mucho - all it does is prolong your recovery and infect everyone else at the gym.

Awesome news from Tinkerbell over the weekend at least cheered me up massively. Tink won her weight class at the CAPO Nationals! GO TINK!! She whittled down to weigh in at 73kg and made it into the 75kg class (LOL - muscle chick) I think she was a little worried at the beginning of the week still being 76kg.

Got her opening squat in at 160kg, 2nd attempt 177.5kg, got the weight up but racked it before the call so red lighted and 3rd attempt at 185kg but failed.

Bench opener at an easy 80kg, 2d attempt 110kg - nice and clean, 3rd attempt 125kg, she said flew up but got red lighted on a technicality, by mistake? Apparently in CAPO your bum can come off the bench on the descent but once the press call is given it must stay down. In IPF your bum cant come off after the start call (prior to the descent) anyhoo, by CAPO rules she shouldn't have been redlighted for it and could have protested but decided not too.

I cant remember what she said now for her deadlift attempt, I think I was still spinning out from her massive bench :-) but I know she got 167.5kg which was a PB and I think she tried for a heavier lift but was unsuccessful.

I know she was disappointed by her squat but still 2 PB's, bench and deadlift and I almost forgot to mention a new Senior Women's total record of 437.5

Woo-hoo Go Tinkerbell!!

Tink's boyfriend, Paul Nay, also competed at the weekend and won Best Lifter. From what I can gather he didn't do as well as he'd hoped also, but still enough to take out Best Lifter. Squat 350, Bench 245 and Deadlift 310. I know he'll do more at WPC Worlds later this year. Congrats Paul!!

Cant wait to see the photo's. :-)


Thursday, August 06, 2009

August 6th 2009

Shit happens.....

The appliances in the house are conspiring against me. Having gotten over the saga that was 'the dishwasher', the heating started playing up... Several visits from the Vulcan service guy and a $600 bill later, its finally fixed and the house is cosy warm. Mmmmmm, but as luck would have it the very day I stay home for the heating guy, the big plasma TV goes POP and is no more... :-( That was two weeks ago and I would be still waiting for the 'authorized LG serviceman' to call me to say when he'll came and pick it up. Needless to say I gave up waiting and called another TV repair shop who are coming out today!

Moral of the story - DONT BUY LG - ANYTHING!

Upshot of this is that I cant afford to go up to Canberra to watch the CAPO Nationals. So disappointed! Tink tried her best to find someone I could share accom / travel (I was planning to drive up) in order to help with the cost but no luck... :-(

(L-R) Simon, Mary,Bill,Rikki,Val,Steve,Tim,Me,Jen,Travis
(photographer Deb)

Last weekend Mary and Steve invited everyone over for a 'Christmas in July in August' post comp dinner. WOW, they put on an awesome spread. Mary must have been cooking for days! So much delish food and desserts to die for... literally!! I think I could have eaten the chocolate pudding until I burst. Just one more mouthful - KA-BOOM!!!


Simon & Mary

Steve & Dib (Deb)

So with all the eating done and no CAPO comp to go too I guess it's time to get off my lazy, chocolate filled butt and get back to some serious training. My goal, still is to get a 420 total - this is what I need, minimum, to qualify for IPF World Masters in 2010. With that in mind I looked up the PA competition calendar and am going to take a shot at the Matti Tikka challenge at the end of November, about 14/15 training weeks. I'm going to use this comp as bit of an experiment too. Gonna train up to this comp with a wide stance squat - ouch! I can feel my abductors hurting already....

Of course if it all goes pear shaped in November then I still have the state and national titles next year to try and qualify - although nationals might be cutting it a bit fine...


PS. The TV man has just been and gone - YAY! The TV is fixed....