Monday, August 10, 2009

August 11, 2009

So sick its not funny. Started last Friday night with a sore throat that turned septic over the weekend . Coughing was incredibly painful and I avoided talking at all cost. Throat started to feel better yesterday (Monday) and the cough developed into one of those barking hacking coughs, cripes you would think I was a smoker... now, Tuesday, and the sniffing and sneezing has set in but I think I'm starting to see the end of this....

No training - obviously! I'm not one of those fools that think training when sick is mucho - all it does is prolong your recovery and infect everyone else at the gym.

Awesome news from Tinkerbell over the weekend at least cheered me up massively. Tink won her weight class at the CAPO Nationals! GO TINK!! She whittled down to weigh in at 73kg and made it into the 75kg class (LOL - muscle chick) I think she was a little worried at the beginning of the week still being 76kg.

Got her opening squat in at 160kg, 2nd attempt 177.5kg, got the weight up but racked it before the call so red lighted and 3rd attempt at 185kg but failed.

Bench opener at an easy 80kg, 2d attempt 110kg - nice and clean, 3rd attempt 125kg, she said flew up but got red lighted on a technicality, by mistake? Apparently in CAPO your bum can come off the bench on the descent but once the press call is given it must stay down. In IPF your bum cant come off after the start call (prior to the descent) anyhoo, by CAPO rules she shouldn't have been redlighted for it and could have protested but decided not too.

I cant remember what she said now for her deadlift attempt, I think I was still spinning out from her massive bench :-) but I know she got 167.5kg which was a PB and I think she tried for a heavier lift but was unsuccessful.

I know she was disappointed by her squat but still 2 PB's, bench and deadlift and I almost forgot to mention a new Senior Women's total record of 437.5

Woo-hoo Go Tinkerbell!!

Tink's boyfriend, Paul Nay, also competed at the weekend and won Best Lifter. From what I can gather he didn't do as well as he'd hoped also, but still enough to take out Best Lifter. Squat 350, Bench 245 and Deadlift 310. I know he'll do more at WPC Worlds later this year. Congrats Paul!!

Cant wait to see the photo's. :-)


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