Thursday, August 06, 2009

August 6th 2009

Shit happens.....

The appliances in the house are conspiring against me. Having gotten over the saga that was 'the dishwasher', the heating started playing up... Several visits from the Vulcan service guy and a $600 bill later, its finally fixed and the house is cosy warm. Mmmmmm, but as luck would have it the very day I stay home for the heating guy, the big plasma TV goes POP and is no more... :-( That was two weeks ago and I would be still waiting for the 'authorized LG serviceman' to call me to say when he'll came and pick it up. Needless to say I gave up waiting and called another TV repair shop who are coming out today!

Moral of the story - DONT BUY LG - ANYTHING!

Upshot of this is that I cant afford to go up to Canberra to watch the CAPO Nationals. So disappointed! Tink tried her best to find someone I could share accom / travel (I was planning to drive up) in order to help with the cost but no luck... :-(

(L-R) Simon, Mary,Bill,Rikki,Val,Steve,Tim,Me,Jen,Travis
(photographer Deb)

Last weekend Mary and Steve invited everyone over for a 'Christmas in July in August' post comp dinner. WOW, they put on an awesome spread. Mary must have been cooking for days! So much delish food and desserts to die for... literally!! I think I could have eaten the chocolate pudding until I burst. Just one more mouthful - KA-BOOM!!!


Simon & Mary

Steve & Dib (Deb)

So with all the eating done and no CAPO comp to go too I guess it's time to get off my lazy, chocolate filled butt and get back to some serious training. My goal, still is to get a 420 total - this is what I need, minimum, to qualify for IPF World Masters in 2010. With that in mind I looked up the PA competition calendar and am going to take a shot at the Matti Tikka challenge at the end of November, about 14/15 training weeks. I'm going to use this comp as bit of an experiment too. Gonna train up to this comp with a wide stance squat - ouch! I can feel my abductors hurting already....

Of course if it all goes pear shaped in November then I still have the state and national titles next year to try and qualify - although nationals might be cutting it a bit fine...


PS. The TV man has just been and gone - YAY! The TV is fixed....


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