Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009

Thanks for the comment Louise, point taken, but none of the gyms I go to do the caliper thing. Apparently Naturopaths can do some body composition analysis which is even more accurate. I know my bodyfat isn't really 31%. As far as the cardio/heart rate thing.... mmmm I've been shown a pilates exercise for working lung capacity but at the moment everytime I take a deep breath it results in a coughing fit...

Lacking some enthusiam at training. Still squatting wide - I will master this! My right hip flexor has other ideas and I may be hallucinating (from the pain) but I'm sure I heard it scream "Fuck Off" last night when I started squatting... :-(

Wide squats: barx10 40x8 60x6 80x4
knee wraps on: 85x5 90x5 85x5 80x5
knee wraps and belt 100x2 - just to see if I could do it wide stance.

Wide speed squat 60x2 x8 sets
High Box squat (belt only) 3x5 at 100
Leg press 4x10 at 100

and finished with some leg raises which HF also did not seem to appreciate

Channeling Elvis Presley - check out the right knee (left of screen)


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