Sunday, September 06, 2009

September 7 2009

OMG! This year is flying by..... September already!

Today is the start of my 10 week comp cycle. And its gonna be good!

Last week ended on a high, deadlifting 140kg for 5 reps without a belt. I should be looking at another PB come end of November. Picked up the new orthotic inserts for my squat boots - whoa! do they ever feel weird. Tried them out with just 50k squats and nearly fell backwards a couple of times. These will take some getting used to, so a little extra time to be spent in the rack with some light weights.

Had to go over to my Dad's on Saturday to re-tune his VCR (yes VCR) because he had been unable to record his tv shows after I installed the digital receiver the other week. Booked in an early one-on-one bench session with Martyn Girvan at Apollo and was lucky enough to get some extra assistance from Shaun Bostock. ;-) 2 singles at 80kg with my shirt on and lockout work with boards @100kg .The constant feedback in the one-on-ones is great. Martyn also gave me a few things to think about for keeping my knees out in the squat. Overall a very productive session.

After being the super hero at Dad's I rushed back over to Ringwood to take a Honda Civic Si for a test drive - very smooth. Lots of purdy lights inside! and it has a push button start, but the wipers and indicators are on the wrong side and I kept flicking on the wipers by mistake. It was an auto and I prefer a manual - well it has to be a manual for now since Madii will also need to be driving it on her L's (ick!) The Civic scored well too with heated leather seats

Booked in a test drive of a Mazda 3 sp25 too later this week. The Honda and the Mazda are the two contenders for my next lease.

Played around with the new printer/scanner so here's a couple of shots from way back when.....

Eowwww - Skinny!!


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