Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28th

Seminar report

Attended the ESP bench press seminar -VERY informative. 4 hours of bench press technique, setup and accessory work. Delivered by Marty Girvan, Chucky and Shaun Bostock all very knowledgeable with impressive records, they explained the hows and why's into each of their topics. Along with the hands on approach, everyone got their chance to try stuff out and get it right under expert guidance. Its one thing to read about some of these things but to have the opportunity to be coached and corrected in this manner and to ask questions to the likes of Shaun Bostock was an experience not to miss. The hands on approach worked well with Marty being able to correct my leg position on the bench such that I CANNOT lift my butt from the bench - something I've struggled with always! Personally it was also good to get some positive feedback that my technique is good, learn some verbal cues that focus me and pick up specific tips for my training that will improve my benching even further. Even Steve Brown who was not there in any official capacity for the seminar offered me some hands-on advice, showing me how to 'get it right' with the accessory work. A great non-competitive environment where these big guys were willing to share what they know works.

Training report

Sunday Squatting
Warmups RAW - bar, 40, 50, 60, 75....
Comp squats 5x5 @90 with knee wraps on.
Front squats 4x4 @50 RAW
Donkey calf raise 4 sets
Rear delt machine 4 sets

Tuesday - Speed bench with SPLC
Full of beans - ate WAY too much carbs........
Lockouts @80 3x6, @75x8
Speed bench @ 55 8x3reps somewhere between 50 & 60 being the optimal value for my speed work as calculated by Marty at the seminar.
Could feel myself slowing in the last 2 sets
Accessory work
Rolling Incline dumbbell tricep press 8kg x15 x4sets
Cross body tricep press 10kg x12 x4
Lying Lat pulldown 60, 80 100, 100 x8 reps
Standing dumbell rotator work 5kg

Spent a good deal of time Sunday after training in the Toby's Estate Cafe around the corner from D's - check this article here
Here we were at the perfect place to relax, read the paper and have a post training chat while sipping at perfectly poured latte's, low and behold a couple of complimentary affogato's are placed in front of us - YUMMM-O ! As I was getting a bit low on bean at home I took a look at the fresh bean for sale and settled on 250g of 'Woolloomooloo' bean - which as I then discovered gets me another complimentary latte! YAY!! Left there spinning!! Haven't tried the new beans yet - tonight's the night!!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25th

I am so ANGRY!
Fire breathing, blood curdling, murderously ANGRY!!

Some self serving, nasty f-wit arsehole with barely 2 brain cells has, for no reason other utter stupidity, slashed BOTH right hand side tyres on my horse float.

I sat in the lounge room for an hour, in utter silence, brooding and fuming.

I have no argument with my neighbors. I keep to myself and apart from Keith and Lis at the side of my property who are ALWAYS so helpful, by and large I don't really know the others. I don't complain to the police about parties - they are few and far between so who cares if there's a little noise now and then - no big deal. So why?? Friday night there was a party, I didn't care. But Friday night or in the wee hours of Saturday morning someone at that party decided to slash the tyres on my float. Why do I think it was someone from the party? The empty Jim Beam Whisky bottle left by the float is bit of a give away. So yes, this time I have reported it to the police. Not happy Jan.

These tyres would have hardly under 1000k as I replaced all of the 'car tyres' that were on the float when I bought it with the recommended truck tyres that should be on there. At great expense as part of trying to 'fix the float up'. And now, some lowlife scumbag has gutted them. 2 - 3 2cm cuts into each of the tyres. I'm not sure if they can be repaired or will I need new tyres - again!

How the hell am I to get them off? Will I need two jacks? Bricks? I only have my little Mazda jack and no-one to help me. AND I know my wheel brace doesn't fit the float- Damn it I've been meaning to get one for the float. I've lent my old truck, with the other jack, to my sister because her car is in being repaired after some prick hit her car in a car park and took off (What is the world coming to?) and she's away for the long weekend.


Yesterday's Bench press seminar and today's squatting report will be written later - if / when I calm down.


Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23rd

Here it is Friday before the Australia day Long weekend and it seems I have made onto tomorrow's ESP bench press seminar after all. Even better Leigh is fronting up half the cost - what a good coach!

Training Report

Training this week has been much better - headcold starting to subside.

Tuesday - bench with SPLC on Tuesday - Speed.
Lockouts - 70kg x8 x4
Speed - 50kg x3 x8
Lying tricep - 4 sets
Single arm cross body tricep - 4 sets
Dumbell press - 45kg x8 x4

Wednesday - deadlift/hamstrings
warmed up with some light squats 60kg
Rack pulls - 120kg 6x6 (overhand grip and wrist straps)
Good mornings - 60kg x8 x4
Cable pull thru - 100,120, 140 140 x8 reps each

Thursday - shoulders/biceps
Side raises - 10lb, 15, 20, 25, 20 x8 reps each
Seated overhead press - 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 x8 reps each
Barbell front raise - 35lb x10 x4
Dumbbell bicep curl - 20lbx8, 25x8, 30x6, 35/3 drop 20/6 (smacked my finger with the 20lb dumbbell - ouch!)
Cable curl - 5 sets (with tears in my eyes - poor finger still smarting)
Reverse barbell curl - 30 x12 x4 (3 finger grip)

Tonight - rest

Injury report.

Right pointer finger - bruised first knuckle above nail - ow! - refer above.

Right Elbow - nagging tendinitis? Andrea Bizas (Chiro) says my right shoulder is still NQR - this may be contributing factor. May make an appointment next week to see one of the physios at Melbourne Sports Medical Centre to have elbow looked at.
Yes, my HBA limits are refreshed with the new year!! :-) I think I shall annoy Gordon McDonald with this one (Payback for Ben).
Left knee - Consultation with Orthopaedic surgeon. Xrays normal. Diagnosis: torn cartilage (Medial meniscus). Treatment Arthroscopic cleanup to trim the tear - 20 min procedure. Recovery 6-8 weeks! Discussed this with Leigh. We are too close to April comp and I DO need to do a qualifying comp for PA, then insufficient time between April and July Nationals. So, plan is postpone surgery until after Nationals giving me the most recuperation time before End of Year competitions (ie World Masters in Nov or Oceania's in December) All going to plan that is.

Right Hip - Pain free (touch wood) for no apparent reason or treatment? Physio Jess is off the hook for the time being - wont have to dig his precious elbow into my butt... for now....


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20th

Spent Sunday at Smiths Beach, Phillip Island. I didn't really feel up to it but had promised earlier in the week to take Madii and her friends, so kinda committed to it. Leah, Andrew and Miss Olivia joined us. It was a beaut day 26c nice breeze, water chilly but not so cold as Safety beach the other week - that was straight off the Antarctic! :-) Madii snapped a shot of me in my new cozzie - she was trying to get a 'Baywatch' pic of my coming out of the water - LOL.

Have stayed away from training but will venture back into MBS tonight and do speed bench with SPLC. I had put my hand up to attend a bench press seminar being held at Apollo Gym by the EFS guys but looks like I didn't get a guernsey, oh well $100 to put towards a new bench shirt for the April comp. Looking for a RED Titan F6 in a size 38 or 40. My chest measured 37, which is between sizes, so do I round down or round up? A 36 chest is a 38 shirt (meet fit) and a 38 chest is a 40 shirt (meet fit) or a 38 shirt (competition (tightest) fit). I'll probably err on the side of caution and go for a 40 since I haven't worn a Titan shirt before and my arms don't conform to their expected measurements, a bit big! Lifting Large are expecting some more stock in later in the week - hopefully they'll have one in my size.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jan 17

Errrghh have been struck by the dreaded head cold fairy. Started feeling miserable in the wee hours on Friday morning, sore throat, fever. Soldiered on to work but my symptoms got worse as the day went on, sneezing and sniffing, so as soon as the clock ticked 3pm and pager was over I was out the door. Leigh was at the MCG and suggest I swing by and we go off for a latte at Atomica - I needed that!

Slept poorly Friday night, couldn't breath but at least by this morning the sore throat had subsided. Gave in and went to the chemist for some codral night and day tabs. Skipped benching with SPLC. A few of them are competing in Feb so not wise I think given my germy state. Still went over to D's to squat with Leigh but no energy, he suggested I just do 10 sets of 3 @ 60kg and I didn't argue (so unlike me and yet so indicative of how crap I felt) did 5 sets of 3 @ 60and an further 5 sets @70kg - to redeem myself a little. Couple of sets of bench press @ 60kg too, just for good measure.

Set off for a post workout latte and HIP HIP HOORAY! The absolute highlight of the day - TOBYS ESTATE cafe was OPEN !! No longer do I need to press my face against the window and peer in longingly. Terrific and the first latte's were free. Beautifully presented and delish to the max. Yummmy!! Melbourne readers or anyone visiting please do call in for a latte experience you wont forget. 29 Weston St, Brunswick.

Choofed off home - Madii is out, staying over at Michelle's. Home alone, sick and miserable. Fortunately I recorded a very interesting program which was on SBS the other night. "My penis and everyone Else's" Well, I guess it's not my penis, per say, I don't actually have one... but the program, a documentary, was about men's obsession with their penises, their lack of size and their inability to talk about it with other men. Fascinating really, women will talk about any genitalia issues or other problems with women but men wont discuss any dysfunction or such with other men - how do they ever get on? I got a good laugh out of it anyway - hmmm its seems that's why men wont talk about it - someone might laugh... idiots! :-)

Well, time I put myself to bed I think. I've downed the two night time tabs with my strawberry tea. I think a few pages of 'Dear Fatty' and I wont long off examining the insides of my eyelids. Goodnight Johnboy. sniffle....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed Jan 14

Back at work for 2 days and already I'm having a 'work from home' day. It's boiling hot so I'm regretting my choice although it was nice to sleep in.

Quick review at Melbourne Sports Medical Centre with my sports Doc, Ben Barresi. Hip MRI didn't reveal any tear, that's good. There was some small blip, perhaps a hip defect that under some condition wears at the cartilage causing the pain or perhaps it a german submarine.... Anyhoo, right now (since the MRI strangely enough) it doesn't hurt - touch wood (touches head) so care factor zero. Knee still stiff and sore at times, like after sitting at my desk for extended periods, but not 'as' painful to poke an prod as before and I can kneel and sit down on my calves. Knee specialist next week, fingers crossed that its miraculously healing and wont require intervention.

Couldn't bench with SPLC last night. Madii had been part of the studio audience for that dreadful show 'Australia's got (no) talent' Ugghh. I was expecting to pick her up at 7pm but some misguided soul decided to jump in front of a train, fortunately Madii & Michelle didn't witness it but it delayed their return home.

In the meantime I trained back in the familiar territory of Definition. It was packed when I arrived just after 6pm, stifling hot and sticky. Its a great little gym with almost everything I need, however its getting more and more difficult to train there with so many people. Then there are those doing 'circuit' stuff and hogging multiple pieces of equipment - this should be restricted to off-peak times like the cardio equipment which has time limits. Enuf griping...

Speed bench: warmed up to 50kg 8sets 3 reps
Pin press: 70kg 4sets 8 reps
Floor press with 45lb dumbells: 4sets 8 reps
Tricep press: 80 90 100 100 8 reps each
Wide Seated cable row: 90 100 110 110 8 reps
Started on cable side bends when I got the SMS to pick oup Madii. By now it's near 7.30pm and so I finish set 2 at 100 and leave.

Dinner: the lazy womans guide to cooking...
chicken surprise: throw whatever you have in the fridge and/or pantry in a pot along with some minced chicken and surprise surprise maybe something edible!? or not, but I'm willing to take that chance...

Whilst in the pantry, I grabbed a can of cat food for the cats, not me, and with all the dexterity and hand/eye co-ordination of a tourettes sufferer I swiped the can off the shelf and onto the floor. Damn! Now I have to bend down and pick it up - Ughhh, why is this so difficult? I should have taken the opportunity to ask the Doc-meister during my consult. 'Why is it possible for me to squat down with say 100kg on my back, raw, and get back up, but pick up an 85g can of cat food is nair impossible? ' 'Why, when getting something out of the bottom draw do I need to pull my self up with the bench top?' 'Why do I need to use the arms of a chair to get out of said chair?' 'How is it that I can pull 130kg ,raw and OMG 177kg with a suit in a deadlift but the damn 85g cat tin is a monumental effort?' I don't get it! hmmmmpfh

Leigh suggested last night that we may start squatting on Monday nights again - yay. I love routine and I love a plan. I perform best when I have a focused and I focus best when I have a plan. Leigh knows how to make it all come together! That's another think I like about SPLC too, routine, planning. Speed bench Tuesdays, Heavy Bench Saturday - Be there or its your loss! I'm really impressed with Rikki too, she has her comp training plan all worked and written up in her training log - so organized, puts me to shame! :-)

Deadlift tonight; probs speed pulls off a two inch platform, heavy rack pulls and hamstring stuff, good mornings, hypers...


Friday, January 09, 2009

Jan 9, almost Jan 10

Late entry....

Just got home after a late squat session and debrief latte's. Hungry now but too late for a real meal so cup-a-soup will do. Chinese chicken and corn.

Squatted well, warmed up to 4x4@90 with light knee wraps - still protective of the left knee. Had to use the monolift, which has some scary memories, but I did the walk out rather than use the monolift proper. Then a regular squat rack was free I did 4x5 front squats with just 40kg, these force me deep and keep my knees apart - neat! Last some box squats 4x3@40 ultra low and speedy.

Today I relaxed - I think this is officially the last day of my holidays, being Friday. Sat out on the deck with a latte and my book for a while this morning, taking in the sunshine and tranquility, listening to the bell birds. Then I destroyed all that peace by starting up the chainsaw. Felled a large dead wattle at the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately it didn't fall quite where I wanted, or rather it did, but I didn't plan it very well and it landed on top of a nice blossom tree down at the road. This took some effort and time to clear and I've sadly damaged the blossom tree. Bugger it! Then off for a little shopping trip, home, then off to afore mentioned training.

So now just a regular weekend and back to work Monday - on pager. Yay (not).

Training tomorrow with SPLC - heavy bench. Starting to fit in. I like it. Sunday over to my sister's to loan her the truck while her car is off being repaired.

On the chores front, I have competed a couple more tasks:
De-spiderize / cobweb the outside of the house AND as an extra I de-spidered the horse float.
Started work on the DARC website. Please take a look, not all the pages have content yet (News & Out 'n About) but the others have a little bit. Check out the gallery page, see if you can pick out me & Mojo.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

January 4th

Welcome to 2009 - Boy the year is moving fast. Cant believe its the fourth already! New Years resolutions... NONE. I'm already perfect.

However I am starting out the year with a new (sort of..) direction, in so far as, for those who don't know, I have resigned from CAPO and joined up to Powerlifting Australia. Target competition is Melbourne Open on April 4th (re: countdown above right). My reasons for leaving CAPO, well there are a couple, but mostly I want some legitimate recognition for my lifts and to compete at an international level - this kind of opportunity is not realistically available via CAPO. SO the plan is to get my qualifying total in at the Melbourne so that I can compete at Nationals later in the year and all going to plan I'll get a decent total at Nationals that will qualify me for Worlds.

Zoo report:

Feeding time for the lions

And up close

Leah and Madii

Olivia and Andrew

Cashy & Madii

Me - LOL

Started the new year with a squat session at D's with Leigh. Worked up to 5reps @75 before wrapping the ever delicate knees and settling in for 6 sets of 3 reps @90 while Leigh Box squatted and did some super impressive deep front squats. Followed this up with some gay leg press; 4 sets of 8 pausing at the bottom for an explosive press. Then off in search of a coffee shop that would be open on NY day.

Speaking of which, I saw a sign in the window of the Toby's Estate cafe which has been teasing me for the past 6 months waiting for it to open. Finally the council has given their approval (I wonder who slept with who to get that !) Anyway... YAY!!!!!!! Its opening!! They're looking for barista's too - fulltime / parttime. I'm gonna see if they'll let me do 'work experience'. Really, I'd like to do it! I mean, after all, I do have my barista certificate from Lavazza. I would be way cool to get some experience on a commercial machine. Of course I will still love my Rancillio Silvia (in an objectaphile kind of way - LOL)

Back to training stuff. Speed bench with SPL at MBS again on Tuesday and then followed up with a max bench session on the Saturday- double at 75kg - failed at 80kg - ran out of steam.