Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20th

Spent Sunday at Smiths Beach, Phillip Island. I didn't really feel up to it but had promised earlier in the week to take Madii and her friends, so kinda committed to it. Leah, Andrew and Miss Olivia joined us. It was a beaut day 26c nice breeze, water chilly but not so cold as Safety beach the other week - that was straight off the Antarctic! :-) Madii snapped a shot of me in my new cozzie - she was trying to get a 'Baywatch' pic of my coming out of the water - LOL.

Have stayed away from training but will venture back into MBS tonight and do speed bench with SPLC. I had put my hand up to attend a bench press seminar being held at Apollo Gym by the EFS guys but looks like I didn't get a guernsey, oh well $100 to put towards a new bench shirt for the April comp. Looking for a RED Titan F6 in a size 38 or 40. My chest measured 37, which is between sizes, so do I round down or round up? A 36 chest is a 38 shirt (meet fit) and a 38 chest is a 40 shirt (meet fit) or a 38 shirt (competition (tightest) fit). I'll probably err on the side of caution and go for a 40 since I haven't worn a Titan shirt before and my arms don't conform to their expected measurements, a bit big! Lifting Large are expecting some more stock in later in the week - hopefully they'll have one in my size.



Stu said...

You are looking fit coming out of the beach, not so much Bay Watch..

All the best!!!

Stu said...

Just to ensure, my comment was a compliment!