Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed Jan 14

Back at work for 2 days and already I'm having a 'work from home' day. It's boiling hot so I'm regretting my choice although it was nice to sleep in.

Quick review at Melbourne Sports Medical Centre with my sports Doc, Ben Barresi. Hip MRI didn't reveal any tear, that's good. There was some small blip, perhaps a hip defect that under some condition wears at the cartilage causing the pain or perhaps it a german submarine.... Anyhoo, right now (since the MRI strangely enough) it doesn't hurt - touch wood (touches head) so care factor zero. Knee still stiff and sore at times, like after sitting at my desk for extended periods, but not 'as' painful to poke an prod as before and I can kneel and sit down on my calves. Knee specialist next week, fingers crossed that its miraculously healing and wont require intervention.

Couldn't bench with SPLC last night. Madii had been part of the studio audience for that dreadful show 'Australia's got (no) talent' Ugghh. I was expecting to pick her up at 7pm but some misguided soul decided to jump in front of a train, fortunately Madii & Michelle didn't witness it but it delayed their return home.

In the meantime I trained back in the familiar territory of Definition. It was packed when I arrived just after 6pm, stifling hot and sticky. Its a great little gym with almost everything I need, however its getting more and more difficult to train there with so many people. Then there are those doing 'circuit' stuff and hogging multiple pieces of equipment - this should be restricted to off-peak times like the cardio equipment which has time limits. Enuf griping...

Speed bench: warmed up to 50kg 8sets 3 reps
Pin press: 70kg 4sets 8 reps
Floor press with 45lb dumbells: 4sets 8 reps
Tricep press: 80 90 100 100 8 reps each
Wide Seated cable row: 90 100 110 110 8 reps
Started on cable side bends when I got the SMS to pick oup Madii. By now it's near 7.30pm and so I finish set 2 at 100 and leave.

Dinner: the lazy womans guide to cooking...
chicken surprise: throw whatever you have in the fridge and/or pantry in a pot along with some minced chicken and surprise surprise maybe something edible!? or not, but I'm willing to take that chance...

Whilst in the pantry, I grabbed a can of cat food for the cats, not me, and with all the dexterity and hand/eye co-ordination of a tourettes sufferer I swiped the can off the shelf and onto the floor. Damn! Now I have to bend down and pick it up - Ughhh, why is this so difficult? I should have taken the opportunity to ask the Doc-meister during my consult. 'Why is it possible for me to squat down with say 100kg on my back, raw, and get back up, but pick up an 85g can of cat food is nair impossible? ' 'Why, when getting something out of the bottom draw do I need to pull my self up with the bench top?' 'Why do I need to use the arms of a chair to get out of said chair?' 'How is it that I can pull 130kg ,raw and OMG 177kg with a suit in a deadlift but the damn 85g cat tin is a monumental effort?' I don't get it! hmmmmpfh

Leigh suggested last night that we may start squatting on Monday nights again - yay. I love routine and I love a plan. I perform best when I have a focused and I focus best when I have a plan. Leigh knows how to make it all come together! That's another think I like about SPLC too, routine, planning. Speed bench Tuesdays, Heavy Bench Saturday - Be there or its your loss! I'm really impressed with Rikki too, she has her comp training plan all worked and written up in her training log - so organized, puts me to shame! :-)

Deadlift tonight; probs speed pulls off a two inch platform, heavy rack pulls and hamstring stuff, good mornings, hypers...


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Tzaadi said...

I have to admit I didn't know what a pin press was so I googled it then tried them at the gym. Tough stuff! Here's to good training for Powerlifting Australia