Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25th

I am so ANGRY!
Fire breathing, blood curdling, murderously ANGRY!!

Some self serving, nasty f-wit arsehole with barely 2 brain cells has, for no reason other utter stupidity, slashed BOTH right hand side tyres on my horse float.

I sat in the lounge room for an hour, in utter silence, brooding and fuming.

I have no argument with my neighbors. I keep to myself and apart from Keith and Lis at the side of my property who are ALWAYS so helpful, by and large I don't really know the others. I don't complain to the police about parties - they are few and far between so who cares if there's a little noise now and then - no big deal. So why?? Friday night there was a party, I didn't care. But Friday night or in the wee hours of Saturday morning someone at that party decided to slash the tyres on my float. Why do I think it was someone from the party? The empty Jim Beam Whisky bottle left by the float is bit of a give away. So yes, this time I have reported it to the police. Not happy Jan.

These tyres would have hardly under 1000k as I replaced all of the 'car tyres' that were on the float when I bought it with the recommended truck tyres that should be on there. At great expense as part of trying to 'fix the float up'. And now, some lowlife scumbag has gutted them. 2 - 3 2cm cuts into each of the tyres. I'm not sure if they can be repaired or will I need new tyres - again!

How the hell am I to get them off? Will I need two jacks? Bricks? I only have my little Mazda jack and no-one to help me. AND I know my wheel brace doesn't fit the float- Damn it I've been meaning to get one for the float. I've lent my old truck, with the other jack, to my sister because her car is in being repaired after some prick hit her car in a car park and took off (What is the world coming to?) and she's away for the long weekend.


Yesterday's Bench press seminar and today's squatting report will be written later - if / when I calm down.


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bobo said...

hi vicki, sorry to read about your tires being slashed. just wanted to say i enjoy reading your blog and i do not know if a size 40 is even going to be big enough for those guns. p.s. great shot coming out of the water, did madii get any shots from behind by chance? good luck with the vandal. bobo