Friday, January 09, 2009

Jan 9, almost Jan 10

Late entry....

Just got home after a late squat session and debrief latte's. Hungry now but too late for a real meal so cup-a-soup will do. Chinese chicken and corn.

Squatted well, warmed up to 4x4@90 with light knee wraps - still protective of the left knee. Had to use the monolift, which has some scary memories, but I did the walk out rather than use the monolift proper. Then a regular squat rack was free I did 4x5 front squats with just 40kg, these force me deep and keep my knees apart - neat! Last some box squats 4x3@40 ultra low and speedy.

Today I relaxed - I think this is officially the last day of my holidays, being Friday. Sat out on the deck with a latte and my book for a while this morning, taking in the sunshine and tranquility, listening to the bell birds. Then I destroyed all that peace by starting up the chainsaw. Felled a large dead wattle at the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately it didn't fall quite where I wanted, or rather it did, but I didn't plan it very well and it landed on top of a nice blossom tree down at the road. This took some effort and time to clear and I've sadly damaged the blossom tree. Bugger it! Then off for a little shopping trip, home, then off to afore mentioned training.

So now just a regular weekend and back to work Monday - on pager. Yay (not).

Training tomorrow with SPLC - heavy bench. Starting to fit in. I like it. Sunday over to my sister's to loan her the truck while her car is off being repaired.

On the chores front, I have competed a couple more tasks:
De-spiderize / cobweb the outside of the house AND as an extra I de-spidered the horse float.
Started work on the DARC website. Please take a look, not all the pages have content yet (News & Out 'n About) but the others have a little bit. Check out the gallery page, see if you can pick out me & Mojo.


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