Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28th

Seminar report

Attended the ESP bench press seminar -VERY informative. 4 hours of bench press technique, setup and accessory work. Delivered by Marty Girvan, Chucky and Shaun Bostock all very knowledgeable with impressive records, they explained the hows and why's into each of their topics. Along with the hands on approach, everyone got their chance to try stuff out and get it right under expert guidance. Its one thing to read about some of these things but to have the opportunity to be coached and corrected in this manner and to ask questions to the likes of Shaun Bostock was an experience not to miss. The hands on approach worked well with Marty being able to correct my leg position on the bench such that I CANNOT lift my butt from the bench - something I've struggled with always! Personally it was also good to get some positive feedback that my technique is good, learn some verbal cues that focus me and pick up specific tips for my training that will improve my benching even further. Even Steve Brown who was not there in any official capacity for the seminar offered me some hands-on advice, showing me how to 'get it right' with the accessory work. A great non-competitive environment where these big guys were willing to share what they know works.

Training report

Sunday Squatting
Warmups RAW - bar, 40, 50, 60, 75....
Comp squats 5x5 @90 with knee wraps on.
Front squats 4x4 @50 RAW
Donkey calf raise 4 sets
Rear delt machine 4 sets

Tuesday - Speed bench with SPLC
Full of beans - ate WAY too much carbs........
Lockouts @80 3x6, @75x8
Speed bench @ 55 8x3reps somewhere between 50 & 60 being the optimal value for my speed work as calculated by Marty at the seminar.
Could feel myself slowing in the last 2 sets
Accessory work
Rolling Incline dumbbell tricep press 8kg x15 x4sets
Cross body tricep press 10kg x12 x4
Lying Lat pulldown 60, 80 100, 100 x8 reps
Standing dumbell rotator work 5kg

Spent a good deal of time Sunday after training in the Toby's Estate Cafe around the corner from D's - check this article here
Here we were at the perfect place to relax, read the paper and have a post training chat while sipping at perfectly poured latte's, low and behold a couple of complimentary affogato's are placed in front of us - YUMMM-O ! As I was getting a bit low on bean at home I took a look at the fresh bean for sale and settled on 250g of 'Woolloomooloo' bean - which as I then discovered gets me another complimentary latte! YAY!! Left there spinning!! Haven't tried the new beans yet - tonight's the night!!!


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