Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jan 17

Errrghh have been struck by the dreaded head cold fairy. Started feeling miserable in the wee hours on Friday morning, sore throat, fever. Soldiered on to work but my symptoms got worse as the day went on, sneezing and sniffing, so as soon as the clock ticked 3pm and pager was over I was out the door. Leigh was at the MCG and suggest I swing by and we go off for a latte at Atomica - I needed that!

Slept poorly Friday night, couldn't breath but at least by this morning the sore throat had subsided. Gave in and went to the chemist for some codral night and day tabs. Skipped benching with SPLC. A few of them are competing in Feb so not wise I think given my germy state. Still went over to D's to squat with Leigh but no energy, he suggested I just do 10 sets of 3 @ 60kg and I didn't argue (so unlike me and yet so indicative of how crap I felt) did 5 sets of 3 @ 60and an further 5 sets @70kg - to redeem myself a little. Couple of sets of bench press @ 60kg too, just for good measure.

Set off for a post workout latte and HIP HIP HOORAY! The absolute highlight of the day - TOBYS ESTATE cafe was OPEN !! No longer do I need to press my face against the window and peer in longingly. Terrific and the first latte's were free. Beautifully presented and delish to the max. Yummmy!! Melbourne readers or anyone visiting please do call in for a latte experience you wont forget. 29 Weston St, Brunswick.

Choofed off home - Madii is out, staying over at Michelle's. Home alone, sick and miserable. Fortunately I recorded a very interesting program which was on SBS the other night. "My penis and everyone Else's" Well, I guess it's not my penis, per say, I don't actually have one... but the program, a documentary, was about men's obsession with their penises, their lack of size and their inability to talk about it with other men. Fascinating really, women will talk about any genitalia issues or other problems with women but men wont discuss any dysfunction or such with other men - how do they ever get on? I got a good laugh out of it anyway - hmmm its seems that's why men wont talk about it - someone might laugh... idiots! :-)

Well, time I put myself to bed I think. I've downed the two night time tabs with my strawberry tea. I think a few pages of 'Dear Fatty' and I wont long off examining the insides of my eyelids. Goodnight Johnboy. sniffle....


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