Friday, March 23, 2012


Dear Fitness And Power Fan,

Who is The Strongest Man In The World? That is a Title often claimed, rarely proved.

Well, the Strongest Man In The World is the Athlete who lifts the most weight, unassisted, on the classic, standard Powerlifts of the Squat, the Bench Press and the Deadlift. And on Sunday 1st. April, 1.30 p.m. at the Arrow Hotel 488 Swanston Street Melbourne, you can see that Man.

That is, Blaine Sumner of the USA, ex -NFL, now complete Powerlifter, 350lb. of pure muscle, will be totalling over 900kg. - that’s 2000lb. - of hoisted metal.

The event is the Pacific Raw Powerlifting Invitational.  Sunday 1st. April is the day Powerlifting stands up as a true sport in Australia, with an unparalleled international field competing in Raw style Powerlifting. That’s no Lazer-like suits, only natural strength as the Athletes' weapons.

Backing up Blaine in attacking World records will be Nick Tylutki (USA), chasing 700lb. in the Squat and Sonia Manaena (NZ), the Strongest Woman In The Southern Hemisphere. Then there will be Australia’s Strongest, headed by Richard Hozjan, pound-for-pound the best this country has.

And in the days before the Pacific Invitational the Arrow Hotel will host the Australian Raw Powerlifting Championships.  Friday night March 30th is the time for the Womens Championships, then Saturday 31st March goes non-stop from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. with Australia’s Strongest Men competing for Titles in 8 bodyweight classes.

Tickets for this spectacle of strength will be available at the door, or book now to secure your place —

For secure PAYPAL bookings click here —

For DIRECT DEPOSIT bookings, notate your name & make a deposit to Commonwealth Bank BSB 064012 Account 10182006

For PERSONALIZED TICKETING, or more information, e-mail   or call 0418 366 416 anytime.

I will be seeing you at the Arrow Hotel, 488 Swanston Street, March 30, 31 & especially 1 April.

Robert Wilks,
CEO Powerlifting Australia Ltd.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

End of cycle

Last week of this 3 week mini-cycle and its so far been productive.

Saturday last: hit a new PR on the floor press - 75kg raw.  Attempted 77.5 but no dice.  This Saturday - last change for a final PR in this cycle.

Monday: After twisting my knee a few weeks ago during a max squat I've been a little hesitant to suit up for a max squat again but it had to be done and Monday was the day.  straps up for my last attempt and hit 150kg.  What I take away from this session is that I need to go straps up earlier.  Perhaps around 130kg to get more time under pressure.  I couldn't get my air in and felt like my head was going to blow off! One rep! and it was out of a monolift - imagine walking it out.  More practice needed.  Pulled 180 out of the rack from just above mid shin. Saw stars!

Tuesday: Prehab/rehab stretching and accessory back

Wednesday:  Solid  speed bench session with deloading chains, 40kg plus 15kg chains total.

Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.

Outside of training, my PVR shit itself.  Looks like the power supply has died.  Ordered a new one from Sydney, just hope I don't electrocute myself....


Monday, March 05, 2012

New cycle

Today, the start of a new training cycle....  More deadlifts, but still concentrating on posterior chain.

Had set a target of 170 for this morning's max deadlift, since I haven't pulled heavy  from the floor  in a while I thought best not to set too high an expectation.  Usually takes a few sessions to get back up to true maximal lift.  Never the less I managed to pull 180 with my lever belt undone. Couldn't get it closed 'cos I've put on "a bit of weight"  plus I'd taken the suit in when I was just 63kg....

Deads: Raw: 70x5, 100x5, 120x5
            1/2 suit: 140x5, 150x3, 160x2
            Straps up:  170x1 180x1 180x1 180xfail - let the bar get in front of me....

Pin squats: Raw: pin 13, 90kg 3x5
GM's 40kg 5x20
Abs & power runner 40kg 3x15


Thanks for the very nice comment Scott. xx    :-)