Wednesday, March 21, 2012

End of cycle

Last week of this 3 week mini-cycle and its so far been productive.

Saturday last: hit a new PR on the floor press - 75kg raw.  Attempted 77.5 but no dice.  This Saturday - last change for a final PR in this cycle.

Monday: After twisting my knee a few weeks ago during a max squat I've been a little hesitant to suit up for a max squat again but it had to be done and Monday was the day.  straps up for my last attempt and hit 150kg.  What I take away from this session is that I need to go straps up earlier.  Perhaps around 130kg to get more time under pressure.  I couldn't get my air in and felt like my head was going to blow off! One rep! and it was out of a monolift - imagine walking it out.  More practice needed.  Pulled 180 out of the rack from just above mid shin. Saw stars!

Tuesday: Prehab/rehab stretching and accessory back

Wednesday:  Solid  speed bench session with deloading chains, 40kg plus 15kg chains total.

Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.

Outside of training, my PVR shit itself.  Looks like the power supply has died.  Ordered a new one from Sydney, just hope I don't electrocute myself....


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