Friday, August 29, 2008

Light Legs

The unfortunate thing about there being a squat rack at Definition is that suddenly people want to squat and / or do partial deadlifts that never did before. Waited patiently (not) for the squeeziods to finish their knee bends and warmed up for a light 5x5 @ 70kg - deep, deep, deep. Leg press 4x8 @ 150kg (knees to ears) and then 3x15@40lb leg extensions. Yibbida yibbida, that's all folks.

Kerry's last night working at Definition, such a shame, but she's off to do bigger and better things. She's been a real sweetie bringing me a sample of beta-alanine the other week (she also works at a health food store) and last night she had a pre-workout sample of something or another for me, its in my gym bag and I'm hanging on to it for Monday's big squat.

Tonight - night of rest, kindof, I'll try to get into my squat suit again. That will be a hour long cardio session in itself getting it on and then off again! No deadlifting tomorrow - sleep in, yeah! (does celebration dance) I'll go into the gym and do biceps, triceps and abs at Definition sometime in the afternoon. Sunday - On pager :-(

Leah officially moves out this weekend - moving in with her boyfriend Andrew. The first baby to leave the nest leaving just Madii and I in a big ol' house together.


Hello Tegan, Well, I'm flattered that you read my blog and even more so that you've posted some comments. Thanks! The weight will come off - it always does. I know what I have to do, I'm just in denial :-) All those times dieting for bodybuilding comps..... Cant wait to do 'the Haigh's run' where I take on the persona of a squirrel and start gathering chocolate for after the comp. As if I wont be able to get it then - madness! I'll keep up the accessory work a while longer. Doing less messes with my head, I still have the 'bodybuilder mentality' in that respect.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 38

Still 68.5kg, I’ll be able to get more cardio in from next week when I’m not on pager. I have plenty of fat reserves to shed :-)

Happy with training last night - hamstrings are feeling it today as are the traps. Toe giving me some grief today - but I'm learning to live with it.

Benching tonight, shirt work with Rhys. Confirmed with him last night at the gym. Pretty much like the ol’ Westside Max bench workout. I’ll follow up with some lockout work, tricep stuff, Lat pulldowns, cable face pulls and core/oblique.

Still have this goddam cough....


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yay - back online at home

Squats last night - not much to report - didnt use the new suit, maybe next week (although at this rate I may end up putting it off entirely.)

Tonight hamstrings a-la last week. ie Good mornings, Romanian DL, Reverse Hypers. Bit of upper back, Chest Supported rows, cable shrugs, dumbell rear delts and some ab work.

Also made it Genesis today, got my cardio program sorted out - lowered the levels a bit adn slowed the running intervals so my heart rate peaked at 150 instead of 170 and averaged around 145 for the 30 mins. Much better for fat burning.

Time now for the evening latte and unwind for a bit before hitting the sack.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Internet cafe

Eeeek dont know how long I have left on this internet cafe thingy at Eastland shopping centre...
Forgot to submit my online tattlotto tickets at work and so had to use this internet cafe...

Ohh oh the timer now says 8 mins....


Deadlifted this morning - 7am start - ick!
rack pulls and shoulder stuff

Got the deadlift suit on last night - 15 mins. Pretty good, so had it on for this morning's training.
Also managed to get the squat suit on - after 50 mins of struggling. Mind you it took another 30 mins to get it off. The joy of being home alone!


Friday, August 22, 2008

On the 5th day she rested

Tonight, my night of rest! A chance to read my book and relax.... Need to make sure I can get into my deadlift suit tonight in preparation for tomorrow's early morning deadlift session.

Trained at Definition last night - some lighter squats 60, 70 & 8okg and 4 sets of leg press 150kg. Even tried my hand at some over head shoulder press - shoulder at little niggly so I didn't push it too hard, 3 sets of 8 @ 80 lb.

Haven't done much cardio this week - only managed to get to Genesis once :-(
Next week wont be much better as I'm on pager. Bloody hell, I hope Optus get their act together and get this modem out to me on time - I'm on pager next weekend!!!

Gonna miss the internet this weekend, not that I'm an online junkie, but I do like to read the paper online, check my emails and mess around on Facebook and Ebay etc.

Might give Jo a call and see how's she's doing - big news in her world, I guess I'm allowed to announce it here.... She's preggers, due in December. Seems her dalliance with the boy next door, or rather across the road to be correct, has wound her up the duff. Much to her delight I suspect - I'm so happy for her, Ryan's been good and supportive too. I think she had in her mind that her chances for a baby were slipping away - especially after she broke up with Martin after such a long time.

Totally agree Fire 'n' Ice, I hate to think what stunts get pulled on the 'technically challenged' by these big companies. Even still, they just don't care! BTW my curiosity is running at an all time high - Who are you? LOL. And thanks for your comments!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Internet woes

My in-zone modem from OPTUS has shit itself after 7 months. Took it back to the store and it will be 3 weeks before they'll even tell me if it will be repaired or replaced. Of course loaning me a modem is out of the question - I might not return it - yeah! Not good enough. I canceled my service and demanded that the waive the early exit fee - which they did after much arguing. I then rang up OPTUS sales - rejoined the same service and they'll have a new modem to me on Monday. How mad is that!?!

Fire 'n' Ice: Gosh I had forgotten how hard it was to get into the MaxDL suit when it was new - the Hardcore is just as bad. Could not get it up over my hips - sweating profusely did NOT help. Scored two blisters on the tips of my fingers!! I'll give it another go later in the week. I know it took several sessions before I mastered the squeeze. Saturday I plan to don the MaxDL for my deadlift session - I wonder how long that will take!?!

Louise: Inzer do make custom suits but they cost $$$ But even then I dont think they would make allowances for 'headlights' LOL

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 30

Thank you Fire 'n' Ice, my Deadlift IS coming along nicely , my bench... well, I'm aiming to get the 85kg that I missed last year - its not my favorite lift. Strangely enough the squat *is* my favorite, however its not my best lift! Go figure! You would think the one I like the most I would be best at.

None of the equipment was designed with the female form in mind - LOL. I have legs - fat ones at that! and a HUGE derrier as Hiram CODD pointed out! My squat suit squooshes my boobies and one of them always tries to escape out the side. Then there's the bench shirt......

Getting the suit on is definately easier with suit slippers, sexy damn things they are too! I've become quite efficient at getting my Z-suit on, the deadlift suit, a MAX DL, I got down to about 20 minutes before last years nationals (although I havent put it on this year so far tho') But I think the award for pain and suffering has to go to getting the suits off. Do you have any tips for that one?

Hamstrings tonight at Definition:
heavy good mornings,
romanian deadlifts,
pull thrus
Side bridges
and rep out reverse hypers

Followed up by my first attempt at getting the new Hardcore suit on.... a practice run so to speak. I can hang from the A-frame squat rack and amuse the guys there - some, like Darren and the owner George stifle thier laughter long enough to help.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 29

Weight 68.6

Still cant shake the cough, at least it doesn't keep me awake at night.

Last week's bench session with Rhys was awesome, got the groove for the Metal shirt and was able to touch bar to chest after getting some hints from him about how far down to jack the shirt and getting my arms into the sleeves better. I'll try to get a few more heavy sessions in with him so that I can get comfortable in the shirt. After benching he suggested I do some extra lat work - didn't seem like much at the time but until today my lats have been so sore I couldn't get my arms over my head to take my t-shirt off without being in pain!

Thursday night off training and I finally took that bath that I've been promising myself for weeks! Home alone, hot bath, lectric soda in the water, my book and off I went 'pruning' for nest 45mins with the hot jets massaging me all over. Could have done with some hunky male dressed in only a towel feeding me strawberries... ahhhhh (oops - wakeup!)

Deadlift training - Adverse conditions (or some such rot!) 7 am start.

Out of sorts for the first few sets, bad form, hunched over, using my back and not my legs etc etc... Unable to fill my belly out to the belt, taking too long to set up, thinking too much and consequently NOT doing much. Then, in one set I pulled and felt something strain in my upper traps on the left, that on top the strain I was feeling in lower back did not put me in the best frame for deadlifting. Applied some Finalgon to my traps and put my windcheater back on and belt over the top - that took up the slack where my waist has narrowed from losing some 3 and a bit kilos, walked up to the bar quick set up and PULL, down, PULL, down, PULL - much better stronger finish. 4 triples at 135. Followed up with some lighter rack pulls and hypers.

By the time I got home my neck was really starting to stiffen up, downed a couple of voltaren and made a desperate call to Fearnly Massage, pleading for any time available for a remedial massage. Wonderful , 1 hour available at 2.15 pm with Eilidh (pronounced Ayley) E Relief was at hand, literally!

On the way back, driving past the paddock, blue and red lights flashing. Ohh shit, there's been an accident and there's a car in the horse paddock. Nasty too, the car which has wound up in the paddock had apparently lost control and ended up ont he wrong side of the road and then hit by a ute coming down the hill which has shunted the car thru the fence and into the paddock.
The ute was a write-off and the poor driver taken to hospital. I stopped up by the paddock and went in to fetch the horses - the last thing we need is to have them running out onto the road causing more accidents! Totally destroyed my running shoes tho' after sinking to my ankles in mud!

Ohh and for those still staring at the picture of the two suits, trying to figure out the difference.... The length of the shoulder straps... Thats it!

And for my next trick I will be squeezing my enormous fat legs into the tiny holes that Inzer call leg openings... :-)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Much to my delight there is finally a squat rack in the gym at Definition.

I'm ordering my own set of crossbars - no doubt those will get bent!

So, yes, that pic was taken last night while I was benching. Rhys took a quick look at my bench technique with my Inzer shirt on and thinks I'm not getting much rebound out of it. I can touch quite easily with 75kg and because I bench low I'm not hitting the sweet spot in the shirt. Rhys uses a Metal shirt and he's offered to give me a hand with Metal shirt - Benchshirt 101. Going in tonight while he is benching and we'll have bit of a play. Last time I tried it I couldnt even get 100kg to touch.

No response from Inzer about the charges on my card, however I received a shipping notice from UPS so the Hardcore suit is on its way. I'll tram it into the city tomorrow and send the MAX DL back to them.

Corporate Games is on again - Poker practice starting soon :-)
The card shark is back!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A funny way to do business...

Received an email from Scott at Inzer this morning advising that a Hardcore suit is being shipped today. Hmmm

I still wanted to call Scott regarding the extra charges against my credit card, but I am not allowed to speak to him. The guy on the end of the phone confirmed that Scott was the person I need to talk to - by email tho', no I cant speak to him in person. Riiiight....

Fire 'n' Ice:

Thanks for your comment.

To be honest I've never had a problem with Inzer in the past either, this has just been unfortunate. I suspect you're right, there probably isn't much difference between the two suits - I'll find out soon enough. I already have a MAX DL which I used for the first time at last years Nationals - had to change my deadlift style to sumo because I simply could not get down to the bar conventional style - still lifted a PB tho!

Right now I'm squatting in my old Z-suit with the straps down and will probably bring the new suit in 4-5 weeks out. I expect having some weight on my back will help me get down in the Hardcore suit.


Monday, August 11, 2008

what a farce

My Inzer package arrived this morning - hooray I say, until I open it. Oh great, a deadlift suit which I didn't order, Correct me if I am wrong but the order says HARDCORE not MAXDL

Purchase Summary
Order ID: 63812
Item 1
Product ID: 01_HARDCORE
Product Name: HardCore
Attributes: 30,
Product Price: $145.00

Quantity: 1

And to add to my woes I find that they have charged my credit card for the suit AGAIN!

As its still Sunday in the US I'll have to wait until tomorrow to call them, but I've already sent a couple of emails pointing out their grandiose errors.

Plus I am still sick - cough cough cough.... erghhh

This is seriously shaping up to be a shit Nationals for me. Stay tuned.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Day 19... I think....

Still struck with the flu, the medication for the ear infection is causing me to have nose bleeds - great (not). Have a shower, nose bleed, massage, nose bleed, training, nose bleed, blow my nose, nose bleed..... Apparently a side effect of the antibiotics, along with the massive headaches. Ughhh. And with all that, my ear is still blocked!

INZER are kindly re-shipping my parcel to Australia.... yay!

Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
LITTLE ROCK, AR, US 07/08/2008 22:33 DEPARTURE SCAN 07/08/2008 21:52 ARRIVAL SCAN
SHREVEPORT, LA, US 07/08/2008 21:14 DEPARTURE SCAN 07/08/2008 20:41 ARRIVAL SCAN
LONGVIEW, TX, US 07/08/2008 19:30 DEPARTURE SCAN 07/08/2008 19:14 ORIGIN SCAN
US 07/08/2008 16:07 BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED Tracking results provided by UPS: 08/08/2008


Uploaded some more pics from my trip to Sydney:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Day 17

Have been struck down with the flu since Saturday. Tried not to let it get in the way of a great weekend away, but it took its toll somewhat, my throat was so so sore! Without the requisite strength I was unable to fight off Leigh's attacks and he won each round.

Friday eve we strolled down to Darling Harbour and we treated to free entry at the Aquarium, what a bonus too, no crowd to deal with!

Saturday morning Leigh took of early to conduct some antique dealings, so later I walked down to Circular Quay and took the jet cat over to Manly to have brunch at Ground Zero which was suggested by the great folk on the coffeegeek forum.

After dinner we wandered over to City Gym to train. Pepe had suggested that we ask for Poppy, who would look after us. Seems however that the staff didn't know who he was and despite all the name dropping the best they could offer was $18 entry. "Each?" I asked. "Yes, normally its $20..."
Wow as massive $2 discount... needless to say we went for walk instead.

Sunday breakfast at the Rocks and a long walk back around to Darling Harbour to explore the Maritime Museum. Before long it was time to go and the weekend was sadly over. Despite not being 100% I had a great time.
The flight back was somewhat painful tho with my right ear blocking up and feeling like it was going to explode, a small step into Leigh's world at the moment, not fun I can tell you.

Still not well, took Monday off work but couldn't get a Doctors appointment until Tuesday... By then a bad ear infection had set in and she prescribed more rest and antibiotics. Still at home today - not great, ear still blocked and feeling a bit under the weather still, but back to work tomorrow.

No cardio, don't think my throat could take it just yet. Next week. Funny thing tho', something I've noticed 'cos I dont often get sick, however whenever I start running I come down with the flu. The cardio program given to me at Genesis has some treadmill running. Now, I'm not saying its directly related to running, but I think more likely that when I stress my heart (ie pushing over my max HR) / stress my lungs / breathing hard - must drop my immunity or something... anyway I always end up sick.

Sick, sick, sick.....