Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 38

Still 68.5kg, I’ll be able to get more cardio in from next week when I’m not on pager. I have plenty of fat reserves to shed :-)

Happy with training last night - hamstrings are feeling it today as are the traps. Toe giving me some grief today - but I'm learning to live with it.

Benching tonight, shirt work with Rhys. Confirmed with him last night at the gym. Pretty much like the ol’ Westside Max bench workout. I’ll follow up with some lockout work, tricep stuff, Lat pulldowns, cable face pulls and core/oblique.

Still have this goddam cough....


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Fire 'n' Ice said...

Hey Vicki it's Tegan! Wouldn't want to hold you in suspense too much longer, haha! You have plenty of time to shed the last kg. I wouldn't rush it. I always kept a good kg on til the last 3 weeks because training gets so heavy by then so I needed a bit extra bodyweight behind the bar, especially for bench. I guess it was even more important as a 'lightweight lifter'. Also some 'fat' keeps the immune system up a bit. I cut out ALL the assistance work a month out except close grips which I kept up until a fortnight before the comp. Otherwise it's too draining on the body. I also did very little cardio at that time so as to save my legs for the heavy DLs and squats. I just followed the classic high protein, higher water intake,low carbs (not too low or I couldn't concentrate at work), low sugar/salt diet - complaining the whole time of course! I find the rest of it comes off with nervous tension/excitement.