Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Much to my delight there is finally a squat rack in the gym at Definition.

I'm ordering my own set of crossbars - no doubt those will get bent!

So, yes, that pic was taken last night while I was benching. Rhys took a quick look at my bench technique with my Inzer shirt on and thinks I'm not getting much rebound out of it. I can touch quite easily with 75kg and because I bench low I'm not hitting the sweet spot in the shirt. Rhys uses a Metal shirt and he's offered to give me a hand with Metal shirt - Benchshirt 101. Going in tonight while he is benching and we'll have bit of a play. Last time I tried it I couldnt even get 100kg to touch.

No response from Inzer about the charges on my card, however I received a shipping notice from UPS so the Hardcore suit is on its way. I'll tram it into the city tomorrow and send the MAX DL back to them.

Corporate Games is on again - Poker practice starting soon :-)
The card shark is back!


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