Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Day 17

Have been struck down with the flu since Saturday. Tried not to let it get in the way of a great weekend away, but it took its toll somewhat, my throat was so so sore! Without the requisite strength I was unable to fight off Leigh's attacks and he won each round.

Friday eve we strolled down to Darling Harbour and we treated to free entry at the Aquarium, what a bonus too, no crowd to deal with!

Saturday morning Leigh took of early to conduct some antique dealings, so later I walked down to Circular Quay and took the jet cat over to Manly to have brunch at Ground Zero which was suggested by the great folk on the coffeegeek forum.

After dinner we wandered over to City Gym to train. Pepe had suggested that we ask for Poppy, who would look after us. Seems however that the staff didn't know who he was and despite all the name dropping the best they could offer was $18 entry. "Each?" I asked. "Yes, normally its $20..."
Wow as massive $2 discount... needless to say we went for walk instead.

Sunday breakfast at the Rocks and a long walk back around to Darling Harbour to explore the Maritime Museum. Before long it was time to go and the weekend was sadly over. Despite not being 100% I had a great time.
The flight back was somewhat painful tho with my right ear blocking up and feeling like it was going to explode, a small step into Leigh's world at the moment, not fun I can tell you.

Still not well, took Monday off work but couldn't get a Doctors appointment until Tuesday... By then a bad ear infection had set in and she prescribed more rest and antibiotics. Still at home today - not great, ear still blocked and feeling a bit under the weather still, but back to work tomorrow.

No cardio, don't think my throat could take it just yet. Next week. Funny thing tho', something I've noticed 'cos I dont often get sick, however whenever I start running I come down with the flu. The cardio program given to me at Genesis has some treadmill running. Now, I'm not saying its directly related to running, but I think more likely that when I stress my heart (ie pushing over my max HR) / stress my lungs / breathing hard - must drop my immunity or something... anyway I always end up sick.

Sick, sick, sick.....


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