Friday, August 08, 2008

Day 19... I think....

Still struck with the flu, the medication for the ear infection is causing me to have nose bleeds - great (not). Have a shower, nose bleed, massage, nose bleed, training, nose bleed, blow my nose, nose bleed..... Apparently a side effect of the antibiotics, along with the massive headaches. Ughhh. And with all that, my ear is still blocked!

INZER are kindly re-shipping my parcel to Australia.... yay!

Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
LITTLE ROCK, AR, US 07/08/2008 22:33 DEPARTURE SCAN 07/08/2008 21:52 ARRIVAL SCAN
SHREVEPORT, LA, US 07/08/2008 21:14 DEPARTURE SCAN 07/08/2008 20:41 ARRIVAL SCAN
LONGVIEW, TX, US 07/08/2008 19:30 DEPARTURE SCAN 07/08/2008 19:14 ORIGIN SCAN
US 07/08/2008 16:07 BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED Tracking results provided by UPS: 08/08/2008


Uploaded some more pics from my trip to Sydney:

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