Friday, August 22, 2008

On the 5th day she rested

Tonight, my night of rest! A chance to read my book and relax.... Need to make sure I can get into my deadlift suit tonight in preparation for tomorrow's early morning deadlift session.

Trained at Definition last night - some lighter squats 60, 70 & 8okg and 4 sets of leg press 150kg. Even tried my hand at some over head shoulder press - shoulder at little niggly so I didn't push it too hard, 3 sets of 8 @ 80 lb.

Haven't done much cardio this week - only managed to get to Genesis once :-(
Next week wont be much better as I'm on pager. Bloody hell, I hope Optus get their act together and get this modem out to me on time - I'm on pager next weekend!!!

Gonna miss the internet this weekend, not that I'm an online junkie, but I do like to read the paper online, check my emails and mess around on Facebook and Ebay etc.

Might give Jo a call and see how's she's doing - big news in her world, I guess I'm allowed to announce it here.... She's preggers, due in December. Seems her dalliance with the boy next door, or rather across the road to be correct, has wound her up the duff. Much to her delight I suspect - I'm so happy for her, Ryan's been good and supportive too. I think she had in her mind that her chances for a baby were slipping away - especially after she broke up with Martin after such a long time.

Totally agree Fire 'n' Ice, I hate to think what stunts get pulled on the 'technically challenged' by these big companies. Even still, they just don't care! BTW my curiosity is running at an all time high - Who are you? LOL. And thanks for your comments!


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