Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 30

Thank you Fire 'n' Ice, my Deadlift IS coming along nicely , my bench... well, I'm aiming to get the 85kg that I missed last year - its not my favorite lift. Strangely enough the squat *is* my favorite, however its not my best lift! Go figure! You would think the one I like the most I would be best at.

None of the equipment was designed with the female form in mind - LOL. I have legs - fat ones at that! and a HUGE derrier as Hiram CODD pointed out! My squat suit squooshes my boobies and one of them always tries to escape out the side. Then there's the bench shirt......

Getting the suit on is definately easier with suit slippers, sexy damn things they are too! I've become quite efficient at getting my Z-suit on, the deadlift suit, a MAX DL, I got down to about 20 minutes before last years nationals (although I havent put it on this year so far tho') But I think the award for pain and suffering has to go to getting the suits off. Do you have any tips for that one?

Hamstrings tonight at Definition:
heavy good mornings,
romanian deadlifts,
pull thrus
Side bridges
and rep out reverse hypers

Followed up by my first attempt at getting the new Hardcore suit on.... a practice run so to speak. I can hang from the A-frame squat rack and amuse the guys there - some, like Darren and the owner George stifle thier laughter long enough to help.

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Louise said...

I have to admit to wondering about the suits and the female shape - 'cos you definitely do *not* have a boyish figure. :-)

Perhaps you could petition the suit makers for a woman's suit - offer to be their tester.