Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A funny way to do business...

Received an email from Scott at Inzer this morning advising that a Hardcore suit is being shipped today. Hmmm

I still wanted to call Scott regarding the extra charges against my credit card, but I am not allowed to speak to him. The guy on the end of the phone confirmed that Scott was the person I need to talk to - by email tho', no I cant speak to him in person. Riiiight....

Fire 'n' Ice:

Thanks for your comment.

To be honest I've never had a problem with Inzer in the past either, this has just been unfortunate. I suspect you're right, there probably isn't much difference between the two suits - I'll find out soon enough. I already have a MAX DL which I used for the first time at last years Nationals - had to change my deadlift style to sumo because I simply could not get down to the bar conventional style - still lifted a PB tho!

Right now I'm squatting in my old Z-suit with the straps down and will probably bring the new suit in 4-5 weeks out. I expect having some weight on my back will help me get down in the Hardcore suit.


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