Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 29

Weight 68.6

Still cant shake the cough, at least it doesn't keep me awake at night.

Last week's bench session with Rhys was awesome, got the groove for the Metal shirt and was able to touch bar to chest after getting some hints from him about how far down to jack the shirt and getting my arms into the sleeves better. I'll try to get a few more heavy sessions in with him so that I can get comfortable in the shirt. After benching he suggested I do some extra lat work - didn't seem like much at the time but until today my lats have been so sore I couldn't get my arms over my head to take my t-shirt off without being in pain!

Thursday night off training and I finally took that bath that I've been promising myself for weeks! Home alone, hot bath, lectric soda in the water, my book and off I went 'pruning' for nest 45mins with the hot jets massaging me all over. Could have done with some hunky male dressed in only a towel feeding me strawberries... ahhhhh (oops - wakeup!)

Deadlift training - Adverse conditions (or some such rot!) 7 am start.

Out of sorts for the first few sets, bad form, hunched over, using my back and not my legs etc etc... Unable to fill my belly out to the belt, taking too long to set up, thinking too much and consequently NOT doing much. Then, in one set I pulled and felt something strain in my upper traps on the left, that on top the strain I was feeling in lower back did not put me in the best frame for deadlifting. Applied some Finalgon to my traps and put my windcheater back on and belt over the top - that took up the slack where my waist has narrowed from losing some 3 and a bit kilos, walked up to the bar quick set up and PULL, down, PULL, down, PULL - much better stronger finish. 4 triples at 135. Followed up with some lighter rack pulls and hypers.

By the time I got home my neck was really starting to stiffen up, downed a couple of voltaren and made a desperate call to Fearnly Massage, pleading for any time available for a remedial massage. Wonderful , 1 hour available at 2.15 pm with Eilidh (pronounced Ayley) E Relief was at hand, literally!

On the way back, driving past the paddock, blue and red lights flashing. Ohh shit, there's been an accident and there's a car in the horse paddock. Nasty too, the car which has wound up in the paddock had apparently lost control and ended up ont he wrong side of the road and then hit by a ute coming down the hill which has shunted the car thru the fence and into the paddock.
The ute was a write-off and the poor driver taken to hospital. I stopped up by the paddock and went in to fetch the horses - the last thing we need is to have them running out onto the road causing more accidents! Totally destroyed my running shoes tho' after sinking to my ankles in mud!

Ohh and for those still staring at the picture of the two suits, trying to figure out the difference.... The length of the shoulder straps... Thats it!

And for my next trick I will be squeezing my enormous fat legs into the tiny holes that Inzer call leg openings... :-)


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Fire 'n' Ice said...

Sure is hard to get over a lerg/bug when you gotta keep training but sounds like the benching and DL's are coming together! Can't you just tell these lifting suits were designed by men??!! They don't exactly allow for female 'curves'! Time to get out those darn suit slippers/silks...mmm fun.. Not!