Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Resolutions.... Ooops!

Well, resolutions are out the window.....

Here we are, mid Feb, and only my 2nd post....  one resolution gone, time to close the blog?

Enrolled in French, forgot to pay, Enrolment cancelled - although they didn't tell me they'd cancelled it  :-(

So now what?  Lifting goals remain.  Have been concentrating on hamstring development, to, it seems, the detriment of my deadlift - hmmm  more pulling in the next cycle me thinks....

Injuries, nothing serious, just annoying joint issues.

Bursitis right elbow, treated with a cortisone shot, resolved very quickly but then forearm developed pain and stiffness (tennis elbow).

Left elbow, inside stabilizer, strain / small tear? due to narrow grip, pushing elbows under during squat, hear a popping noise when I did it - contributing factor is my left shoulder mobility problem.

Right knee, twisted while under 150kg, some swelling and instability as a result but nothing serious found  -just taking a long time to heal.

And finally the shoulder physio is happy with my shoulder recovery/rehab and I dont need to have any more appts.  So now just concentrating on that last bit of mobility and building strength. Big test will be if I can overhead lift yet!

Of course more important news is that I am now a NANNA !!!

Little Xavier made his entrance on January 22.  Better than any world record - my first grandson.