Friday, December 07, 2012

on the other side of sugery

typing one handed (left handed) sux shit.

The shoulder reco went well, same tear, same repair, just other shoulder. currently in an immobilizer sling 24x7....

Here are some photos pre surgery and a couple of days after...

4 days after and biceps still asleep - see how it hangs....

1 week after - check out the bruise!

2 and 1/2 weeks after - front scar.

Will post some more about it when I have two hands to type with!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Surgery booked

Surgery is booked with Mr. Greg Hoy on November 19 at Glenferrie Private Hospital.  So I have 3 more weeks of hardcore training left. I know what to expect this time and how the rehab will go. Should be no surprises!

However this time I'm at an advantage being able to train right up until to and including the day I go in. Unlike my left shoulder, where I competed at world masters, went on a 6 week holiday  then two weeks later went in for surgery.  I should not lose so much condition this time when I take the two  weeks off training after the OP.

The unusual thing with this injury is that I CAN still bench...  still hitting a single at the other week, deadlifting is fine (as before) This morning pulling 170kg for a triple off 7 cm (3inch) mats. It’s squatting that is a problem.  Just cannot get under a straight bar or even a cambered bar for that matter!  Luckily at ESP there is a variety of SS bars I can use. But to compete I need to get under a straight bar... hence the surgery....  Anyway after getting my left shoulder done I went from a 90kg bench to a 100kg -110kg bench, so according to my theory I should come back with at least a 120kg - 130kg bench in 12 months right?  :-)   In time for IPF Open World in Norway.

So that's the plan...  

I'll post up some ‘before’ pics - shoulder, back, bicep. I remember the most frightening thing was seeing my bicep for the first time after surgery, I thought the tendon had been cut...  It was just hanging like a golf ball in stocking in the crook of my elbow, it was still asleep!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

MRI Results


The AC joint is normal, there is no undue degeneration and no evidence of narrowing of the subacromial space.

Considerable thickening of the subacromial bursa and there is a moderately diffuse tendinopathy involving the distal 2cm of the supraspinatus extending into infraspinatus and there is also a moderate tendinopathy of subscapularis.

Undersurface fraying of the footplate of supraspinatus is evident, there is a moderate sized joint effusion with evidence of synovitis.

The labrum  anteriorly is abnormal demonstrating truncation and a cleft involving the inferior third and there is almost certainly an irregular SLAP lesion with fraying of the anchor.


Widespread cuff pathology involving the distal 2cm of the supraspinatus and the anterior half of infraspinatus with undersurface fraying of supraspinatus, no full thickness tearing, no muscle wasting.

Mild insertional tendinopathy of subscapularis.

Fraying of the labrum anteriorly with a small cleft from 3 o'clock through the 6 o'clock and an irregular chronic SLAP lesion.

Extensive loss of cartilage involving the inferior third of the bony glenoid with varying size of subcortical cysts, moderate sized joint effusion with evidence of synovitis.


Some of the above I've been living with with out any issue.  The evidence of osteoarthritis is one of them.  Knowing what now is causing the pain is the key.  Likely the small tendon tear and resulting tendinitis along with the (pre-existing) slap lesion is the problem.  I've been referred to Greg Hoy, who repaired my left shoulder 2 years ago, for a surgical opinion / arthroscopic evaluation.  My appt is next Friday - Oct 12.  Surgery tentatively booked for Nov 19.  This should give me time to recover and rehab in time for Worlds in  2013.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shoulder woes

After having about 5 weeks off upper body training my shoulder is feeling a little better.  It doesn't ache so much during the day but still cant get a good night's sleep , if I roll onto it while I'm asleep I wake with it aching. I still need Naprosyn to deal with the inflammation.

Most frustrating is that I cant get under the bar to squat.  Fortunately at ESP there is a multitude of bars to choose from so with a SSB I'm able to keep training.  I've been truing a cambered bar, but it take about 20 mins before I can reasonably deal with the bar. but cannot grip the bar tight.  Benching is painful in a different way, it just very tight and weak.  Deadlifting - no problem  :-)

Back to the physio, and he's not too happy with the progress and the fact that in some position where I should have no pain, I have pain without any force or pressure being exerted.  So, its back to Ben next week to organize an MRI to check for any tears or labral damage.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Slow recovery

Well its been 3 weeks since I've been able to bench, shoulder is recovering slowly... very slowly...  frustratingly slowly!

Ultrasound showed some joint effusion which a cortisone shot wasn't going to help, so I've been relying on Naprosyn  on and off for the past few weeks and just not benching or doing any upper back training. On top of all this I've been sick, Fever, tonsillitis and now a head cold.

This has put quite a dint in my 5/3/1/ training, I've only been able to do squats and deads. And even the squats I'm confined to the SS bar.  This week is the deload  so come Saturday I'll put in some very light bench,  board presses and dumbell rows and see how the shoulder copes.  Hopefully I can start the next 5/3/1/ cycle including bench although I may still hold back on the military press.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pics From Nationals





This is how close I got to 190kg before....


Monday, July 30, 2012

Newcastle 2012

Well its over and done.  Didn't think I'd get on the platform.  My right shoulder was so bad on the Monday before the comp, I couldn't get under an empty bar.  Almost in tears, pain and frustration,  I forced myself thru 3 singles at my opener of 140kg.  Here's the last one:

Previous Saturday's Bench session I didnt take my 95kg opener, opting for a 1/2 board 90kg press instead  - here:

Deadlift however was not affected by he shoulder - 180 opener:

So how did I go?  Better than expected  150 / 100 / 180  for a 430 total.  Up 10kg on my last comp - due to a better squat.  Happy to get 100 on the bench and hmmm dunno what's happening with my deads on competition day, losing steam or enthusiasm or just complacent perhaps?  Pulled 190 up twice but no lockout and the last attempt was dropped - grip issues.

The reffing was very harsh again, but I have no specific complaint.  I'll be interested to see the video of my opening squat which was red lighted, I know to the left I was done for not having my knees locked, that was due to the pain in my shoulder, the more upright and locked the more stress on the shoulder, (you can see that in my squat video above - struggled to be upright and locked) so I have to wear that one, but depth felt fine. I need to look at the other lifts to see why mine are getting red lighted while other get passed. It's difficult judging depth on squat but consistency across lifters is paramount.  Mary Macken's squat's set the standard in my opinion, being the best in the country. I need to see if my squat was not as deep, I cant keep getting red lighted.

As for actual placing I have no idea as the presentations were on the Sunday and we left Newcastle bright and early Sunday morning.  Guess I'll have to wait for it to go up on the Powerlifting Australia website.

And I thought I was going to make it thru 12 months without a drug test....  No such luck...  8  1/2 months....  A record nevertheless  LOL.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Shit Shit Shit

Hurt my shoulder at training this morning. So pissed!  Didn't feel so sore at training but I knew it wasn't happy,  now a few hours later its getting really sore and hard to move.  Timing could not be worse - two weeks out from comp and bench was going so well.

Have iced it and taken some naprosyn, can only wait and see...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Next challenge

2012 Australian Equipped
Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships

Open – Sub Junior – Junior – Masters – Male & Female

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July 2012
Strength Republic Gym

54 Clyde Street, Hamilton North, Newcastle, NSW 2292
Owners Shaun Perrett & Yvette Perrett

Entries Close: Friday, 6th July 2012

Saturday 28th July
SESSION 1 – Weigh-in 7am, start 9am. All women 47kg to 84+kg + Men 59 to 74kg
SESSION 2 – Weigh-in 1pm, start 3pm. Men 83kg to 93kg
Sunday 29th July
SESSION 3 – Weigh-in 7.30am, start 9.30am. All Bench Press competitors.
SESSION 4 – Weigh-in 9.30am, start 11.30am. Men 105kg to 120+kg

Timetable subject to change upon receipt of entries.

Australian Championships All Day - $10 per ticket each day

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well its been over a week since the comp so I guess I should post an update....

Mixed feelings about my result, not my best total by far.  Weighted in at 65.7kg which put me in the 72kg class and my first comp in the Masters 2 category.

Squat was a rather paltry 140kg (M2 record never the less)  having missed my 135 opener on depth and failing my 3rd on 155kg - lost balance.

Bench Press was the highlight of my day. Unusual because I am notoriously a poor bencher, I opened with a comp PB 95kg.  Dave jacked my shirt for attempt 2 at 100kg  but I struggled to get the bar down and missed the lift, 3rd attempt got the shirt just right for what felt like a really easy 100kg (M2 record).  Think I would have had the planned 105kg had I not missed the 2nd attempt.  Was absolutely stoked! 100kg - That's a decent bench press.

Deadlift - well that went off the boil after the amazing 200kg pull in training and in the week preceding the comp I failed to pull 190 which was going to be my opener...  Lowered my opener on the day to 180 and missed - grip issues, 2nd attempt 180 and got it - (Open Record) and then tried for 190 on the third attempt but my grip failed again.

Totaled 420  - 17.5kg behind my best total.  It was a learning experience anyway. Certainly the shirt jacking proved to be a success, I know what I need to work on for my deads and my squat... back to the drawing board.  It has now sunk to the lowest, poorest lift of the 3 disciplines of powerlfting for me.  I must fix this!

2nd attempt 180

3rd attempt 190

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

200 - You have been OWNED!

Scott,  Thank you for your kind words - Time heals....

Monday, April 30, 2012

Stressed out and sick

What can I say, I am beside myself with worry and stress about Priscilla and on top of it I have full blown head cold. Sneezing, coughing, sniffing...  My head is a fog.

Horrible update from the Vet that Priscilla is not making any progress, despite their best efforts.  I am preparing for the worst and have spent the best part of this afternoon crying.

This sucks.

Training is also being affected. Saturday's max effort was just 'effort' all the way.  Had planned to get up to 110kg of the one-board but stopped with a triple at 100kg.  I was spent and there's no point pushing it is this condition, I'd just be risking injury.

I had a massage booked for after training so, knowing that I wouldn't be getting breakfast in a hurry, I took along a Protein shake - Blackmores ProPower Chocolate.  OMG - it has to be the best tasting chocolate protein drink I've ever had!  And that was mixed with water! Imagine how amazing it would taste with low fat milk - WOW!

This morning's Max Effort squat was also not so Max Effort...  Although I still managed  to walk out and squat 160kg,  albeit a little shallow,  in full equipment and I didn't feel like my head was going to blow off  like the last full equipment squat I did 3 weeks ago.  Ahh the benefits of training in equipment a little more frequently I think.

Here's to hoping the week gets better....

Friday, April 27, 2012


Well isn't that just shyte timing!  Work up Wednesday morning and felt like I's swallowed a pack of razor blades. Erghhhh.  Skipped training  - not completely, I went Thursday morning instead, but still not so great an effort.  Speed bench with bands, 40kg felt like 40 tonne.  Same this morning for Speed squats.  Spider bar with chains 8x2 a struggle at 95kg.  Rack pulls - worked up to 3 triples at 160kg.  I'm not a big believer in pushing too hard when you're sick.  I think you have to let your body recover and by training hard you're just breaking down your body even more. So I'm not phased by my lest than spectacular sessions - tomorrow wont be much better I think....

I'll start on my Blackmores proteins next week, I want to evaluate them properly so best I wait until I'm a little  more recovered.  Cristy has also given me access to the  My Blackmores Personal Health System.  which I've just set up for myself, with the program to start on Monday.  This will help me record and evaluate my achievements and goals although I wasn't sure whether to go for the sports program or the weight loss one ( ie. to get back down to my weight class for Worlds.  I chose the "Sport & Fitness" program for now.  The online Nutrition diary looks awesome!  This is going to be fun!

Priscilla Update....

Priscilla is still in hospital, she lost her gag reflex which is needed for swallowing safely and so they operated on Wednesday to put a feeding tube into her stomach.  The had to wait 24hours before being able to feed her via the tube. Unfortunately the tube is too small so they're going back in to surgery today to put a larger tube in.  Fingers crossed for her, please!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Priscilla and the tiger snake

Priscilla, my lovely Birman cat, is currently in the ICU of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital having been bitten by a Tiger snake last week.

Last Thursday she looked like she had conjunctivitis and she's had that before which I've treated
by bathing her eye with a saline solution, unusual tho' that her face was swollen.

Friday morning she couldn't be found and when I saw her Friday evening the swelling and conjunctivitis had subsided.

Saturday, however she was quite limp, not eating or drinking and breathing poorly so I took her to the Vet.  They could not find anything wrong  and suspected a throat infection or foreign object in the throat, but they did not have the equipment to check. They treated her with fluids, antibiotics and an antihistamine and she picked up a little.

Sunday, however, she had deteriorated so badly that I rushed her to the animal hospital - it was all a mystery still.  Blood tests didn't reveal anything and they put her on IV fluids in the ICU.

Monday the Vet rang and asked to do another blood test, specifically for snake bite and there it was - Tiger snake bite, but by now it was too late to give her anti-venom. So she is still in ICU, on pain relief, IV fluids and antibiotics. Luckily she still has a gag reflex so they are able to syringe feed her and we just have to wait and hope that she can pull thru.

With all this going on I still managed to get to the gym and train, its really the only place I can put this all out of my head....


Saturday:  Shirted 2-board press.
Raw Full ROM - 40x5, 50x5, 60x5
2-Board - 70x3, 80x3, 90-fail
Shirted 2-Board 90x3, 100x3, 105x3, 110x3, 115x2 120x1 125 x fail (twice)

Monday: Max Box squat - straight weight.
1/2 suit & knee sleeves: 60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 120x3, 130x3, 130x1 (misload), 140x1
1/2 suit & knee wraps: 150x1, 160x1 (PR!)

Struggled doing glute/ham raise after that!  :-)

Later on that day at work....

"A parcel has arrived for you at reception"

Whoo-hoo!!! Finally something to smile about!  Cristy from Blackmores has come thru for me.  My Blackmores Sports kit has arrived.   WOW!  Take a look at these goodies.

How awesome are Blackmores.  The bag will be so handy, now I can keep my bench stuff in one bag and my squat / deadlift gear in another.  It will make it so much easier than packing and unpacking for each session - as I do in the boot of my car....!  And now I have another shaker, ohh the convenience... I can have one for my pre-workout stuff which I take on the way to training and one for my post workout. I can
have them ready the previous night, already pre-dosed with the Blackmores protein powder - ProPower, just add water and I'm good to go.  And just look quantity they've given in the pack - not just a single serve sample but full tub and full box of sachets of ProDefinition!!

Thanks Blackmores`!!   And thanks Cristy!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Speed n stuff...

Having dropped a quantity of carbs from my diet, smaller portions etc... bodyweight is down 800grams but also my training performance is down.

Felt lethargic this week and even a break from the diet mid week to demolish a Lindt bunny didnt help. Something is lacking or maybe my body just needs to adapt.

Tuesday: An accessory session 45 mins of stretching, then lat pulldown and lat rows,  band resisted good mornings and reverse hyper.

Wednesday: Speed bench  - 30kg with purple bands. Measured velocity with the gymaware device. 30kg was good, 40 kgs still good, 50kg a marked degradation in speed. Very interesting tool tho'.

Wednesday Eve: Dropped into my old haunt Definition 352 for an accessory squat session - nothing spectacular - 2x3 @ 60kg and 6x2 @80kg  (knee sleeves - no belt)

Thursday - sleep in - yay`!!  Real estate agent came to give me a valuation and,  well,  house is on the market....

Friday - Speed box squat- Saftey bar and deloaded chains. 80kg +3 chains aside 8x2
            Conv deadlift against minibands -  worked up triples increasing bands until 3x1 (with 3 bands)
            Cable pull thrus 120
            Cable abs (40kg)
    Side raises 4x8

Heading in extra early tomorrow 5.30am for shirted bench - down to the two board.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Max effort(s)

Friday  - Speed day

Equipped box squat with bands - (Blue)  100kg x2  x8sets

  • Working out of the monlift, only light bands pulling back down onto the box - just a bit of GPP for circa max (heavy bands) in a few weeks.

Speed deads - mini bands up to 3x single. bands +10kg.

  • add another band each set until no more bands then add plates.
Cable abs 4x15
Side raises 4x8

Saturday - Max Bench

Shirted 3 board
  • Start raw - full ROM 40x5, 50x5, 60x3, 70x1
  • Add 3 board  - 80x3, 90x3, 100
  • Shirt  - 100x3, 105x3, 110x3, 115x3 120x3 125x2, 130x1
Long bench session - had to run out at 8.30 for my massage with Magic.  45 mins of lower back & glute active release.

Rest of weekend spendt cleaning the house and hiding stuff. Agent coming thru this Thursday to give me an appraisal to put the house on the market....

Monday Morning - max effort - squat/dead.  

Equipped Reverse band deadlift - black bands.  (How lovely at 6.30am)
  • 1/2 suit - 120kg x5,160x3, 180x3, 200x3, 220x1 (struggle)
  • Straps up - 225x1, 230x1  (footage below)
1/2 squat - spider bar 4x5 @ bar+15
Glute ham raise with bands 3x15
Hanging leg raise 4x8
Cable woodchops 4x8 @ 35.

***  Laynie, Thanks for your wonderful offer of help. Unfortunately PA rules are that you have to be a member of PA to be allowed into the warmup area. Something to do with insurance and drug testing (of course). Mostly its other lifters  you train with who are not lifting that help 'cos they know how to put equipment on, wrap knees and what cues to give you on the platform.  You might hear some of the cues in the footage above. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time to commit

I've been undecided since the beginning of the year as to which comp I'd do next.  Local comp on June 10 or Nationals in Newcastle in July.  Not wanting to have the same disaster as the Matti Tikka where I flew up on the day of the comp and wound up with no helper (not advisable when you're lifting equipped) and considering that my training partners have also been up in the air about Nationals, I've decided to commit to the June comp.

Beyond June, I'm still unsure if I'll go to World Masters in Texas this year. Financially it will be tough. I have $500 in the "Texas" account, will need $1000 by June as a deposit to secure my entry and I figure it will cost around $3000 all up.  The outcome of the June comp will also be a consideration.  As will the need to get back down to 63kg, probably for the last time tho'.  Best I don't get too far off, hence the 65kg weight goal below.

Anyway, for the next 9 weeks - (8 training/1 deload)   I'm going to document my preparation - training, diet, highs & lows as I attempt to hit an Elite 1 total in the 72kg class.  Yes, that's competing up a weight class from last year, but I've managed to stack on a bit of size over the past few months and I want to take advantage of it.

I've also been contacted by Cristy from Blackmores who have recently launched a new online book called "Getting the Edge".  She's going to forward me some samples from the new Blackmores range of sports supplements / protein powders which I'll include in my supplement program and share my personal feedback here with everyone.  A quick glance thru the e-book and already I've spotted some great looking recipes  :-)   Will let you know how I go with those too!

Lets start with some facts and figures:

Current best lifts @ 63kg:
Squat 150, bench 85, deadlift 195.5  (World M1 Record)  Total 430.5  (Elite 1 @ 63kg)

Current bodyweight: 67kg

Goal:  weigh in @ 65kg
Goal:  squat 160, bench 100, deadlift 200  total 460kg (Elite 1 @ 72kg class)


Tuesday April 10 - Max squat  (A day late because of Easter)
Raw squats  50x5, 70x5
Half suit 100x3, 120x3 with knee wraps
Straps up  (full equipment) 130x2, 140x2
Thought my head was going to explode, so much pressure when straps are up. 2nd rep of the 140 set was starting feel like passing out. Key action - squat more in full equipment.

Half squats (Yoke Bar) 50g
Glute/ham raise - purple band
Hanging leg raise
Cable wood chops

Wednesday April 12 Speed bench
Straight weight 8x3@45kg, 5x60kg 2x5@65kg
DB press 4x10 @20kg
Narrow grip floor press 40kg
Paused chest supp row - 15kg
DB rows 22.5kg
Yoke shrugs Bar +20kg

Haven't done DB press for such a long time - Owww my chest is sore today (LOL)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Dear Fitness And Power Fan,

Who is The Strongest Man In The World? That is a Title often claimed, rarely proved.

Well, the Strongest Man In The World is the Athlete who lifts the most weight, unassisted, on the classic, standard Powerlifts of the Squat, the Bench Press and the Deadlift. And on Sunday 1st. April, 1.30 p.m. at the Arrow Hotel 488 Swanston Street Melbourne, you can see that Man.

That is, Blaine Sumner of the USA, ex -NFL, now complete Powerlifter, 350lb. of pure muscle, will be totalling over 900kg. - that’s 2000lb. - of hoisted metal.

The event is the Pacific Raw Powerlifting Invitational.  Sunday 1st. April is the day Powerlifting stands up as a true sport in Australia, with an unparalleled international field competing in Raw style Powerlifting. That’s no Lazer-like suits, only natural strength as the Athletes' weapons.

Backing up Blaine in attacking World records will be Nick Tylutki (USA), chasing 700lb. in the Squat and Sonia Manaena (NZ), the Strongest Woman In The Southern Hemisphere. Then there will be Australia’s Strongest, headed by Richard Hozjan, pound-for-pound the best this country has.

And in the days before the Pacific Invitational the Arrow Hotel will host the Australian Raw Powerlifting Championships.  Friday night March 30th is the time for the Womens Championships, then Saturday 31st March goes non-stop from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. with Australia’s Strongest Men competing for Titles in 8 bodyweight classes.

Tickets for this spectacle of strength will be available at the door, or book now to secure your place —

For secure PAYPAL bookings click here —

For DIRECT DEPOSIT bookings, notate your name & make a deposit to Commonwealth Bank BSB 064012 Account 10182006

For PERSONALIZED TICKETING, or more information, e-mail   or call 0418 366 416 anytime.

I will be seeing you at the Arrow Hotel, 488 Swanston Street, March 30, 31 & especially 1 April.

Robert Wilks,
CEO Powerlifting Australia Ltd.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

End of cycle

Last week of this 3 week mini-cycle and its so far been productive.

Saturday last: hit a new PR on the floor press - 75kg raw.  Attempted 77.5 but no dice.  This Saturday - last change for a final PR in this cycle.

Monday: After twisting my knee a few weeks ago during a max squat I've been a little hesitant to suit up for a max squat again but it had to be done and Monday was the day.  straps up for my last attempt and hit 150kg.  What I take away from this session is that I need to go straps up earlier.  Perhaps around 130kg to get more time under pressure.  I couldn't get my air in and felt like my head was going to blow off! One rep! and it was out of a monolift - imagine walking it out.  More practice needed.  Pulled 180 out of the rack from just above mid shin. Saw stars!

Tuesday: Prehab/rehab stretching and accessory back

Wednesday:  Solid  speed bench session with deloading chains, 40kg plus 15kg chains total.

Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.

Outside of training, my PVR shit itself.  Looks like the power supply has died.  Ordered a new one from Sydney, just hope I don't electrocute myself....


Monday, March 05, 2012

New cycle

Today, the start of a new training cycle....  More deadlifts, but still concentrating on posterior chain.

Had set a target of 170 for this morning's max deadlift, since I haven't pulled heavy  from the floor  in a while I thought best not to set too high an expectation.  Usually takes a few sessions to get back up to true maximal lift.  Never the less I managed to pull 180 with my lever belt undone. Couldn't get it closed 'cos I've put on "a bit of weight"  plus I'd taken the suit in when I was just 63kg....

Deads: Raw: 70x5, 100x5, 120x5
            1/2 suit: 140x5, 150x3, 160x2
            Straps up:  170x1 180x1 180x1 180xfail - let the bar get in front of me....

Pin squats: Raw: pin 13, 90kg 3x5
GM's 40kg 5x20
Abs & power runner 40kg 3x15


Thanks for the very nice comment Scott. xx    :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Resolutions.... Ooops!

Well, resolutions are out the window.....

Here we are, mid Feb, and only my 2nd post....  one resolution gone, time to close the blog?

Enrolled in French, forgot to pay, Enrolment cancelled - although they didn't tell me they'd cancelled it  :-(

So now what?  Lifting goals remain.  Have been concentrating on hamstring development, to, it seems, the detriment of my deadlift - hmmm  more pulling in the next cycle me thinks....

Injuries, nothing serious, just annoying joint issues.

Bursitis right elbow, treated with a cortisone shot, resolved very quickly but then forearm developed pain and stiffness (tennis elbow).

Left elbow, inside stabilizer, strain / small tear? due to narrow grip, pushing elbows under during squat, hear a popping noise when I did it - contributing factor is my left shoulder mobility problem.

Right knee, twisted while under 150kg, some swelling and instability as a result but nothing serious found  -just taking a long time to heal.

And finally the shoulder physio is happy with my shoulder recovery/rehab and I dont need to have any more appts.  So now just concentrating on that last bit of mobility and building strength. Big test will be if I can overhead lift yet!

Of course more important news is that I am now a NANNA !!!

Little Xavier made his entrance on January 22.  Better than any world record - my first grandson.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome 2012

The new year is here, full of promise. Please, let this year not devastate me financially like 2011. This will be my best year ever, on and off the platform.


Hamstrings, hamstrings ,hamstrings. 2012, I will develop my hamstrings.

French oral practice - every week, not just in class.  Else I must not enroll in any more classes (if I'm not going to practice then I dont deserve to have lessons)

Write my blog weekly, else close it down.


Lifting goals:

Squat 170, Bench 100, Deadlift 200


Some pics from Worlds, Niagra Falls, New York & Kelowna B.C. ....