Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time to commit

I've been undecided since the beginning of the year as to which comp I'd do next.  Local comp on June 10 or Nationals in Newcastle in July.  Not wanting to have the same disaster as the Matti Tikka where I flew up on the day of the comp and wound up with no helper (not advisable when you're lifting equipped) and considering that my training partners have also been up in the air about Nationals, I've decided to commit to the June comp.

Beyond June, I'm still unsure if I'll go to World Masters in Texas this year. Financially it will be tough. I have $500 in the "Texas" account, will need $1000 by June as a deposit to secure my entry and I figure it will cost around $3000 all up.  The outcome of the June comp will also be a consideration.  As will the need to get back down to 63kg, probably for the last time tho'.  Best I don't get too far off, hence the 65kg weight goal below.

Anyway, for the next 9 weeks - (8 training/1 deload)   I'm going to document my preparation - training, diet, highs & lows as I attempt to hit an Elite 1 total in the 72kg class.  Yes, that's competing up a weight class from last year, but I've managed to stack on a bit of size over the past few months and I want to take advantage of it.

I've also been contacted by Cristy from Blackmores who have recently launched a new online book called "Getting the Edge".  She's going to forward me some samples from the new Blackmores range of sports supplements / protein powders which I'll include in my supplement program and share my personal feedback here with everyone.  A quick glance thru the e-book and already I've spotted some great looking recipes  :-)   Will let you know how I go with those too!

Lets start with some facts and figures:

Current best lifts @ 63kg:
Squat 150, bench 85, deadlift 195.5  (World M1 Record)  Total 430.5  (Elite 1 @ 63kg)

Current bodyweight: 67kg

Goal:  weigh in @ 65kg
Goal:  squat 160, bench 100, deadlift 200  total 460kg (Elite 1 @ 72kg class)


Tuesday April 10 - Max squat  (A day late because of Easter)
Raw squats  50x5, 70x5
Half suit 100x3, 120x3 with knee wraps
Straps up  (full equipment) 130x2, 140x2
Thought my head was going to explode, so much pressure when straps are up. 2nd rep of the 140 set was starting feel like passing out. Key action - squat more in full equipment.

Half squats (Yoke Bar) 50g
Glute/ham raise - purple band
Hanging leg raise
Cable wood chops

Wednesday April 12 Speed bench
Straight weight 8x3@45kg, 5x60kg 2x5@65kg
DB press 4x10 @20kg
Narrow grip floor press 40kg
Paused chest supp row - 15kg
DB rows 22.5kg
Yoke shrugs Bar +20kg

Haven't done DB press for such a long time - Owww my chest is sore today (LOL)

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Laynie: the Marketing Muscle said...

Hey Vic, if you or anyone else is competing in July at the Nationals in Newcastle and they need a hand. I'm here and I can get some helpers.

All the best Vicki. x