Friday, April 20, 2012

Speed n stuff...

Having dropped a quantity of carbs from my diet, smaller portions etc... bodyweight is down 800grams but also my training performance is down.

Felt lethargic this week and even a break from the diet mid week to demolish a Lindt bunny didnt help. Something is lacking or maybe my body just needs to adapt.

Tuesday: An accessory session 45 mins of stretching, then lat pulldown and lat rows,  band resisted good mornings and reverse hyper.

Wednesday: Speed bench  - 30kg with purple bands. Measured velocity with the gymaware device. 30kg was good, 40 kgs still good, 50kg a marked degradation in speed. Very interesting tool tho'.

Wednesday Eve: Dropped into my old haunt Definition 352 for an accessory squat session - nothing spectacular - 2x3 @ 60kg and 6x2 @80kg  (knee sleeves - no belt)

Thursday - sleep in - yay`!!  Real estate agent came to give me a valuation and,  well,  house is on the market....

Friday - Speed box squat- Saftey bar and deloaded chains. 80kg +3 chains aside 8x2
            Conv deadlift against minibands -  worked up triples increasing bands until 3x1 (with 3 bands)
            Cable pull thrus 120
            Cable abs (40kg)
    Side raises 4x8

Heading in extra early tomorrow 5.30am for shirted bench - down to the two board.

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