Monday, April 30, 2012

Stressed out and sick

What can I say, I am beside myself with worry and stress about Priscilla and on top of it I have full blown head cold. Sneezing, coughing, sniffing...  My head is a fog.

Horrible update from the Vet that Priscilla is not making any progress, despite their best efforts.  I am preparing for the worst and have spent the best part of this afternoon crying.

This sucks.

Training is also being affected. Saturday's max effort was just 'effort' all the way.  Had planned to get up to 110kg of the one-board but stopped with a triple at 100kg.  I was spent and there's no point pushing it is this condition, I'd just be risking injury.

I had a massage booked for after training so, knowing that I wouldn't be getting breakfast in a hurry, I took along a Protein shake - Blackmores ProPower Chocolate.  OMG - it has to be the best tasting chocolate protein drink I've ever had!  And that was mixed with water! Imagine how amazing it would taste with low fat milk - WOW!

This morning's Max Effort squat was also not so Max Effort...  Although I still managed  to walk out and squat 160kg,  albeit a little shallow,  in full equipment and I didn't feel like my head was going to blow off  like the last full equipment squat I did 3 weeks ago.  Ahh the benefits of training in equipment a little more frequently I think.

Here's to hoping the week gets better....

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