Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shoulder woes

After having about 5 weeks off upper body training my shoulder is feeling a little better.  It doesn't ache so much during the day but still cant get a good night's sleep , if I roll onto it while I'm asleep I wake with it aching. I still need Naprosyn to deal with the inflammation.

Most frustrating is that I cant get under the bar to squat.  Fortunately at ESP there is a multitude of bars to choose from so with a SSB I'm able to keep training.  I've been truing a cambered bar, but it take about 20 mins before I can reasonably deal with the bar. but cannot grip the bar tight.  Benching is painful in a different way, it just very tight and weak.  Deadlifting - no problem  :-)

Back to the physio, and he's not too happy with the progress and the fact that in some position where I should have no pain, I have pain without any force or pressure being exerted.  So, its back to Ben next week to organize an MRI to check for any tears or labral damage.

Friday, September 07, 2012