Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday Feb 24

The amount of junk mail coming into my inbox lately has quadrupled - so annoying! I need a better spam filter.

Spent a whole evening of what should have been 'relaxing time' applying the latest firmware update to my Topfield 7100. First up it wouldn't recognize my usb, in either the front or back port, I tried another usb stick, still no luck. Formatted the damn thing FAT32, which it already was - still nothing, switched off the toppy, on again... nup. Surfed the Topfield forum to find out if it was possible to FTP the update - YES! Rebooted Toppy with the update in the mount directory and off it went happily applying the update. Performed a factory reset when it completed then the arduous task of setting the whole thing up from scratch, re-scanning the services, setting up the wireless network... ughhh. Hours of misery as IceTV failed consistently. Ping to IceTV failed. EPG fetch failed- server busy - Bullshit! Check the network. Ping from laptop to Toppy - ok. FTP server working. So LAN working but Toppy cant get outside - the laptop can tho'?!. Ahh-ha found a typo in the DNS address - fixed that, so far so good, ping to IceTV - ok. EPG fetched! Phew.... But no, timers from Ice now not getting sent. Deleted the token, set up again - nope, rebooted Toppy, no avail. Went to bed to sleep on it - at least 90% setup........ No magic fix overnight - checked the network again, checked the router all looks ok. Rebooted EVERYTHING! Toppy, Router.... Success! Not in any hurry to do that again!

Can relate very much to this youtube clip...


ME bench - worked up to tripples on 75kg
Lockouts at 80kg 3x8reps
Closegrip press 50kg 4x8
Dumbbell Floor press 4x15 @20kg dumbbells

ME squat - Worked up to tripples, half suit, belt and wraps 105kg 2 sets, 112.5kg 2 sets
Front squats - raw. 40x5 45x5 50x5 55x5

Good mornings 60kg x6 70kg x6 x3 sets
Hypers 25kg 12 x4 sets
Dumbbell Shrugs 55lbx8 65x8 x3 sets
Lying leg curl (light) 8 x4 sets


Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Feb 23

Well the diet is off to miserable start no thanks to the sticky date pudding I made last night. Very yum and sickly sweet. I was good all week tho, however the scales do not lie and I found myself up 100g grams this morning (having been down 100grams on Friday) Dropping 3 kegs in the next 5 weeks is not looking hopeful. BTW I did take a before photo but I wont be posting up until I have the after photo to go with it - just in case there is no change.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Mon Feb 16


Speed deads with green bands & 60kg 3reps x 8 sets
Rack pulls: (below knee) 120kg 5reps x 3 sets
................(above knee) 140kg 5reps x 3 sets
(Annoyed - forgot my wrist straps to overload bar.)
Good mornings: 40kg 8x4
Pull Thrus: 120 10 x 4

Friday rest


ME Bench - new shirt (too big)
1 rep max at 85 kg - didnt get much kick out of the shirt and was able to touch with only 50kg - bit disappointing.
Dumbbell press: 40lb x10 50x8 60x8 x3sets
JM press: 30kg 8 x4
Rotator cuff/rehab work

Squat: bar x8, 40kgx8 60x5 80x2 95x5x2 (knee wraps) 95x4 100x3 100x5 (belt and wraps)
front squats: 60kg x2 x2, 60kg 3x2 (belt no wraps)
Standing calf raise: 95 x10x4

Dropped the ball on the 3rd set of 95's went down for the 5th rep but was thinking too much and not doing enough and failed at the bottom. Unloaded the bar and set it backup again but went to 100, lower back was starting to feel the strain so belted up for the last set.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 12

Picked up my new bench shirt from Apollo - hope to give it a try on Saturday with SPLC. At the bench seminar, Marty Girvan invited me to do some shirt work with his guys to help break it in if needed. I tried to get my arms in it, whoooo this will be fun (not) could just get it to my elbows....

Training Report.

Monday @ Definition
Yay George has bought a new bar and some more weights.
Ahhh new, fresh, prickling bar
Squat - warmups @ bar, 40,60 75, 85 then 6x3 @ 95 with knee wraps on (last 3 sets better than first 3..)
Front squats @50kg 5x5 (time to go up I think)
Hypers (variation with glute/ham raise) 7.5kg 4x8 (very wussey but the glute/ham part was tuff!)
Reverse cable squat 160, 180, 200,200 x 8 reps

Slept funny or pulled something doing squats - result stiff neck/trap affecting bench.

Tuesday @ MBS
Lockouts @75kg 4x8 very uncomfortable - even with a lift out.
Speed bench 55kg 8x3's
Cross body tricep press 10kg 4x8
JM press 30kg 4x8

No upper back assistance work

Wed - rest

Thurs - @ Definition
Plan.... Speed deads and heavy rack work.

Have started 'thinking' about dieting....
Thinking only...
Maybe start 'doing' Monday next week.
Currently weighing in at 69.999999kg
I should do one of those 'before' photo shoots this weekend - you know the type: slouched over, bloated tummy, no makeup, bad hair, granny style bog-catching undies and grouchy face.... snigger....


Monday, February 09, 2009

Feb 9 2009

The devastating fires overshadow everything at the moment. The death toll currently stand at 128 and is still rising. My thoughts are with those who have lost all, the burn victims and with the almighty Fire crews, SES and Police that have been battling the bush fires on our hottest day ever recorded. We can only hope that the cool change is helping, although it has not brought forth the much needed rain and the forecast is for the heat to return at the weekend.

Training report

Tuesday - Speed bench.
Arrived late to training because Madii had to be dropped at work at 7, which is when I was meant to be at training. That's life.

Lockouts 75kg 8 reps 3 sets
Speed bench 55kg 3 reps 8 sets
Rolling tricep press 8kg 12 reps 4 sets (still nursing elbow soreness)
Close grip press 50kg 10 reps 4 sets
Chest supp row 8 reps 4 sets
Rotator cuff / rehab stuff

Wednesday Deadlift
(late again - trg cut short)
Sumo Deadlift 140kg 3 reps 4 sets (belt only / grip being an issue)
Good mornings 40kg 8 reps 4 sets (light-ish after heavy deads)
Reverse Hypers 30kg 15reps 4 sets

Massage with Kellie at Melbourne sports medical centre
Last year I started having some massage with Ruth which was really convenient because she comes into the office each Thursday. But when I need a hard core massage, Kellie is the girl! Hamstrings, glutes, erectors, upper back and right shoulder (the niggley one) Kellie is tough, I was sore the next day but she really gets in and tackles the knots. Ouch... purr....

Saturday - ME Bench, just as the cool change came.
Worked up to a double on 75kg, 80kg just didn't happen.
Dumbbell Floor press 20kg 8 reps 4 sets
Chest supp row, 3 angles, 8 reps each (24reps) 4 sets
Rotator cuff/rehab work

Sunday - Pony club! Bought new tyres to replace the ones that were slashed on the float and got my truck back from my sister so we're back in the swing, although Madii wont be riding much this year, Year 12 VCE homework is full on, she's already cut her part time job to just 2 shifts per week. Mojo is going to have an easy year, I haven't ridden much either and right now cant afford the membership fees for adult riding club :-(


Monday, February 02, 2009

Feb 2

Beach Dreaming....

For everyone that has complained that about not having a hot summer, I hope you are satisfied now! 45.1c on Friday. I was working from home and while I'm glad I didn't suffer through any power failures my evap. cooling wasn't coping too well, it was still 33+ inside the house. Later that night Leah, Andrew and I sat IN the Yarra river at Warrandyte along with a gazillion other people and their dogs.

Training Report

Well I'm not so stupid as to risk heat stroke.....

Wed Deadlift.

It was about 40c so I settled with doing speed work and got out fast

Speed deads 100kg 8x3 alternate sets conventional and sumo
pull thrus 100 4x12
reverse hypers 4x12
Thought about abs... went home

No training Thurs or Fri... Refer to river sitting instead....

Saturday Morning ME Bench @0700 (before the heat of the day - bullshit!)
Warmup with little little little dumbbells
front raise, side raise, bent raise, every raise.....
Raw bench - 40kgx6 50x6 60x5 70x4 75x2 80kg=fail x2 - such is a sticking point!
JM press 35 4x8
Floor press 20kg 4x10
Rear delts/ rotator cuff work

Sunday Squatting @0700 (again! - I must be mad)

warmed up to 75x 3 raw
90 x3 x3 with knee wraps then a double at 95.
Front squats 50kg 4x4
High pin squat 180kg 3x3 Pin 26 (FMR)

Around to Toby's Estate both mornings for post workout latte's and read of the paper.

Its that time again - rating's period starts this week and I note with much dismay that one evening there are 3 programs that I want to watch all on at the same time. Sheesh, Toppy 'only' has 2 tuners.... what to do, what to do? Ah-ha! Reconnect the old LG Set Top Box to component 1 of the TV and viola - third tuner. Yay, now I can record 2 shows on the Toppy and watch the third via component 1. Now all I have to deal with is IceTV interactive not sending down timers for channels 7, 9 or 10. SBS and ABC work fine! I guess I will have to resort to deleting the device and setting up all my timers again. Ughhh.