Monday, February 09, 2009

Feb 9 2009

The devastating fires overshadow everything at the moment. The death toll currently stand at 128 and is still rising. My thoughts are with those who have lost all, the burn victims and with the almighty Fire crews, SES and Police that have been battling the bush fires on our hottest day ever recorded. We can only hope that the cool change is helping, although it has not brought forth the much needed rain and the forecast is for the heat to return at the weekend.

Training report

Tuesday - Speed bench.
Arrived late to training because Madii had to be dropped at work at 7, which is when I was meant to be at training. That's life.

Lockouts 75kg 8 reps 3 sets
Speed bench 55kg 3 reps 8 sets
Rolling tricep press 8kg 12 reps 4 sets (still nursing elbow soreness)
Close grip press 50kg 10 reps 4 sets
Chest supp row 8 reps 4 sets
Rotator cuff / rehab stuff

Wednesday Deadlift
(late again - trg cut short)
Sumo Deadlift 140kg 3 reps 4 sets (belt only / grip being an issue)
Good mornings 40kg 8 reps 4 sets (light-ish after heavy deads)
Reverse Hypers 30kg 15reps 4 sets

Massage with Kellie at Melbourne sports medical centre
Last year I started having some massage with Ruth which was really convenient because she comes into the office each Thursday. But when I need a hard core massage, Kellie is the girl! Hamstrings, glutes, erectors, upper back and right shoulder (the niggley one) Kellie is tough, I was sore the next day but she really gets in and tackles the knots. Ouch... purr....

Saturday - ME Bench, just as the cool change came.
Worked up to a double on 75kg, 80kg just didn't happen.
Dumbbell Floor press 20kg 8 reps 4 sets
Chest supp row, 3 angles, 8 reps each (24reps) 4 sets
Rotator cuff/rehab work

Sunday - Pony club! Bought new tyres to replace the ones that were slashed on the float and got my truck back from my sister so we're back in the swing, although Madii wont be riding much this year, Year 12 VCE homework is full on, she's already cut her part time job to just 2 shifts per week. Mojo is going to have an easy year, I haven't ridden much either and right now cant afford the membership fees for adult riding club :-(


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