Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 12

Picked up my new bench shirt from Apollo - hope to give it a try on Saturday with SPLC. At the bench seminar, Marty Girvan invited me to do some shirt work with his guys to help break it in if needed. I tried to get my arms in it, whoooo this will be fun (not) could just get it to my elbows....

Training Report.

Monday @ Definition
Yay George has bought a new bar and some more weights.
Ahhh new, fresh, prickling bar
Squat - warmups @ bar, 40,60 75, 85 then 6x3 @ 95 with knee wraps on (last 3 sets better than first 3..)
Front squats @50kg 5x5 (time to go up I think)
Hypers (variation with glute/ham raise) 7.5kg 4x8 (very wussey but the glute/ham part was tuff!)
Reverse cable squat 160, 180, 200,200 x 8 reps

Slept funny or pulled something doing squats - result stiff neck/trap affecting bench.

Tuesday @ MBS
Lockouts @75kg 4x8 very uncomfortable - even with a lift out.
Speed bench 55kg 8x3's
Cross body tricep press 10kg 4x8
JM press 30kg 4x8

No upper back assistance work

Wed - rest

Thurs - @ Definition
Plan.... Speed deads and heavy rack work.

Have started 'thinking' about dieting....
Thinking only...
Maybe start 'doing' Monday next week.
Currently weighing in at 69.999999kg
I should do one of those 'before' photo shoots this weekend - you know the type: slouched over, bloated tummy, no makeup, bad hair, granny style bog-catching undies and grouchy face.... snigger....



Andy said...

granny style bog-catching undies... lol

I Dare ya - but, if you take the photo, you gotta post it... granny style bog-catching undies and all :p

bobo said...

hi vicki, dieting is a bummer. good luck with that. i was wondering if you could pump up those huge biceps put a tape measure around them and take a snapshot of them for historical purposes, you know with the diet and all i'm afraid they wont look as big. i read your blog all the time its great. bobo