Monday, February 16, 2009

Mon Feb 16


Speed deads with green bands & 60kg 3reps x 8 sets
Rack pulls: (below knee) 120kg 5reps x 3 sets
................(above knee) 140kg 5reps x 3 sets
(Annoyed - forgot my wrist straps to overload bar.)
Good mornings: 40kg 8x4
Pull Thrus: 120 10 x 4

Friday rest


ME Bench - new shirt (too big)
1 rep max at 85 kg - didnt get much kick out of the shirt and was able to touch with only 50kg - bit disappointing.
Dumbbell press: 40lb x10 50x8 60x8 x3sets
JM press: 30kg 8 x4
Rotator cuff/rehab work

Squat: bar x8, 40kgx8 60x5 80x2 95x5x2 (knee wraps) 95x4 100x3 100x5 (belt and wraps)
front squats: 60kg x2 x2, 60kg 3x2 (belt no wraps)
Standing calf raise: 95 x10x4

Dropped the ball on the 3rd set of 95's went down for the 5th rep but was thinking too much and not doing enough and failed at the bottom. Unloaded the bar and set it backup again but went to 100, lower back was starting to feel the strain so belted up for the last set.


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