Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday Feb 24

The amount of junk mail coming into my inbox lately has quadrupled - so annoying! I need a better spam filter.

Spent a whole evening of what should have been 'relaxing time' applying the latest firmware update to my Topfield 7100. First up it wouldn't recognize my usb, in either the front or back port, I tried another usb stick, still no luck. Formatted the damn thing FAT32, which it already was - still nothing, switched off the toppy, on again... nup. Surfed the Topfield forum to find out if it was possible to FTP the update - YES! Rebooted Toppy with the update in the mount directory and off it went happily applying the update. Performed a factory reset when it completed then the arduous task of setting the whole thing up from scratch, re-scanning the services, setting up the wireless network... ughhh. Hours of misery as IceTV failed consistently. Ping to IceTV failed. EPG fetch failed- server busy - Bullshit! Check the network. Ping from laptop to Toppy - ok. FTP server working. So LAN working but Toppy cant get outside - the laptop can tho'?!. Ahh-ha found a typo in the DNS address - fixed that, so far so good, ping to IceTV - ok. EPG fetched! Phew.... But no, timers from Ice now not getting sent. Deleted the token, set up again - nope, rebooted Toppy, no avail. Went to bed to sleep on it - at least 90% setup........ No magic fix overnight - checked the network again, checked the router all looks ok. Rebooted EVERYTHING! Toppy, Router.... Success! Not in any hurry to do that again!

Can relate very much to this youtube clip...


ME bench - worked up to tripples on 75kg
Lockouts at 80kg 3x8reps
Closegrip press 50kg 4x8
Dumbbell Floor press 4x15 @20kg dumbbells

ME squat - Worked up to tripples, half suit, belt and wraps 105kg 2 sets, 112.5kg 2 sets
Front squats - raw. 40x5 45x5 50x5 55x5

Good mornings 60kg x6 70kg x6 x3 sets
Hypers 25kg 12 x4 sets
Dumbbell Shrugs 55lbx8 65x8 x3 sets
Lying leg curl (light) 8 x4 sets


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