Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday March 3 - The Parcel

Ooops. A week has escaped me. A rather eventful week too. Where to start?

Wednesday, very obviously, from the dug up stones and tyre marks on the driveway, a courier attempted to deliver a parcel to my home, but it required a signature so my front door was carded. Was this the new iron I had ordered by redeeming my flybuys which were about to expire? I rang TNT and arranged re-delivery to the office the following week as I was not in any hurry and wasn't about to drive out to Hallam to pick it up!

Friday, an email message from reception alerting me to a parcel which had been delivered - how exciting, was this the iron being re-delivered early - LOL. But what I retrieved from reception was DOCUMENTS. WTF??? Sigh... a poison parcel! Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) Athlete Whereabouts Information Pack. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Well, After being read the riot act when I first muted the idea of switching camps, I cant say it wasn't expected. Random, my arse!

From ASADA website:

What whereabouts filing information is required?

Athletes included in ASADA's Registered Testing Pool (RTP) are required to provide quarterly whereabouts filing directly to ASADA. The required whereabouts filing includes:

  1. Address and contact details

Such as

    • primary residential address
    • primary mailing address
    • primary contact phone numbers
    • email address (if available)
    • alternate contact name and phone number
    • coach's name
  1. Locations and times

Athletes are required to nominate one (1) location per day where they will be available for sample collection and provide the start time of the one (1) hour period that they will be at that location.
This one hour time slot must be between 6am and 11pm.
Locations nominated by athletes must be accessible to ASADA Doping Control Officials.

  1. Regular schedule of routine locations

Athletes must provide a completed hardcopy of the ASADA Whereabouts Filing – Regular Schedule Form. This form requires confirmation of personal details, addresses of residences to be used in the following quarter, regular training addresses and usual time available, other regular locations such as work or school and the usual times available at those locations and a schedule of the locations and dates of upcoming competitions the athlete intends to compete in during the upcoming quarter.


Saturday I had planned to attend the Geelong Powerlifting comp. Steve, Bill, Yogi and Travis from Southern were all competing. Deb unfortunately had to pull out due to injury :-( I made a deal with Madii that if she drove (on her L's in the truck, that I would buy dinner at the pancake parlour. Reluctantly she agreed.

Half way into the trip, the truck boiled, the radiator cap had not been put on properly and blew off. Fortunately it landed, and stayed, on the battery! Limped to nearest servo and refilled with coolant, but not enough and the instructions said don't add water.... SMS'd Leigh as we were in his territory and he came by and took us off for a latte while the truck cooled.

We set off again and had not gone far when the car boiled again and wouldn't start. A couple of good Samaritan's stopped and helped, I was so grateful, the gas converter had frozen as a result of no hot water from the radiator and They poured more water into the radiator and over the gas converter but still the car wouldn't go as the gas was totally frozen. So they guys suggested running on petrol until the gas converter thawed, there in lies the next problem - there was no fuel in the petrol tank - despite the fact that I put a full tank in a year ago - ok, so I don't drive it on petrol that often, but to have it evaporate!?!

So these two helpful guys went off in search of a gerry can and went to the servo and got me some petrol. We got some hot water over the gas converter, enough to start the car and then switch to petrol just as the gas converter started to freeze over - literally you could see the frost forming! That sealed the end of the day for me, Madi and I headed home it was 4.30 and we'd missed the comp. The two good Samaritans followed us on the freeway until their exit to make sure we were ok. My faith in mankind is much renewed!



Sunday ME Squat

bar x 5, 40x5, 60x5 80x5 light knee wraps, 100x5 wraps&belt

112.5 1/2 suit, wraps and belt x3

118 as above 3 reps

120 as above 3 x 3reps

Front squats with light wraps

60kg 4x5reps


Reverse lat pulldown 100 x10 x4sets

Seated Row 120 x4 x4

Shrugs 65lb dbells 4x10reps

Rear delt flyes

Roman chair situps


Found this old pic of my bodybuilding heydays... very serious stuff! :-)


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