Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21 2009

Grosse and disgusting.... The only way I can describe my deadlift session the other night. As I pulled up the bar, so came the contents of my stomach. A massive projectile vomit - chicken and rice everywhere! I took off the the toilets and purged anything that was still there... and then went back and continued to deadlift. Successfully pulling singles at 160kg.

That really is off tho' isnt it!?! My last meal, chicken and rice, was at 12.30. Deadlifting was at 4, so that should not have been a problem. I will have to be careful not to have anything in my tummy on comp day. How would that be, puking all over the referee - chuckle....

Two weeks out from the comp and I'm hovering aroud 68kg. The diet hasnt troubled me much, I've been chocolate free for a month now - cold turkey - and havent had any cravings until the other day in the supermarket. OMG, easter eggs, a sudden, massive caving for easter eggs. I practically ran from the store.


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