Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30 2009

Training clips as mentioned earlier. The first one is 110kg, half suit, wraps and belt, 110kg for 5 reps. My body weight 68.5kg. Mostly falling short on depth or just hitting parallel as you'll hear from Steve, Mary and Tim. Suit was pulling me up short, with only 110kg on my back I need to push down harder into the hole but overall nice, comfortable lifts at that weight.

Next clip was taken on speed bench night - we were comparing our back arch after I commented on Jen's amazing high arch - like a frikin tunnel :-) Mine not so huge... 55kg raw for 3 reps.

Last heavy squat yesterday which I also have on video and I'll upload later in the week. Singles of my first 2 attempts for the comp and 3rd single just below what I want on Saturday. Depth looks ok. Current body weight 67.2kg. I don't expect to place high for this comp, not with my planned lifts anyway but as I keep telling myself this is just about getting a total and lifting well in my first comp with a new federation.

Have to admit that despite all this I'm still a little nervous and I'm sure I'm developing some kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Over the weekend I got bee in my bonnet about having new laces for my squat boots and thick socks for the comp - red ones. Do you know how ard it is to find colored laces? I searched high and low until I finally got what I wanted, then on the trail for socks. Womens socks are all thin, I could find red ones but not thick ones... Mens explorer socks come in black, blue or brown.... How boring for the boys! At last, at one of those dodgy stands in the middle of the shopping centre... Thick Red Socks. You'd think that would be it then.... but no... now I want my belt buckle engraved with some rather dubious quote that I have picked up from a DVD.... Oh dear.... OCD...

Anyhoo, everything else is set in place now. Cardio tonight, speed bench tomorrow, Light squats Wednesday and then rest until comp day. Friday night is the competitors meeting.

The count down is underway!


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