Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28 2009

Good news!

The dishwasher is fixed!!

And bonus points.... it only cost $121. After the initial quote of $500, when the repairman finally came (after two cancellations...) it still needed another $180 worth of parts. I could have bought a new dishwasher!! Anyhoo the serviceman suggested I call customer care.... and yes they do! Care! Because the repair cost was so high they agreed to cover the cost of the parts. ALL the parts. So I only had to pay for the service call!!! Way to go FISHER & PAYKEL.

Heavy bench today - last one before the comp. My shirt is so big I can get it on and off totally unassisted !!

65 X5, 75X3, 82.5 X3 / 1 / 3 / 3
No assistance work today.

The single rep was a failed triple, brought the bar down too low on the 2nd rep, more like a belly bench and couldn't get it up. Never mind, 85 will do on the day. Cant wait to see what I can do in a tight shirt - LOL

Tomorrow is my last heavy squat - of course my biggest concern here is depth, the more I think about it the lower my first attempt seems to be. I was going to open with 125kg currently I'm hedging towards 115kg. I've made an appointment to see a sports psychologist at Olympic Park Sports Centre on Friday - not to help with this comp, but perhaps she can help get my head around squatting heavy AND deep from the mental perspective with the focus on Nationals in July.

Almost time to take that 'after' photo. I'm back on track with my weight, 67.4kg just need to get in a holding pattern now...

ASADA Hour starts next week - April 1st... Anyone see the irony in that? Chuckle...

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